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When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, However Quietly! Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Knowledgeable – jj

When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, However Quietly! Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Knowledgeable

In this video, I explain the very complicated and dangerous undertaking of protecting yourself when you uncover/unmask a covert narcissist and the …



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  1. Omg I wish I had seen this before I challenged my ex! He’s flipped the whole situation around and now I’m fighting to clear my name as the bad person. He’s taken it to court and they are entertaining him, whilst I’m distraught trying to get them to believe me.
    I just see how clever and manipulative he is, I wish the courts could see it. He’s finds gaps and exploits them to bend the truth. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever encountered and he did this whilst I was going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He even attacked me during treatment now claiming he’s the on that’s domestically abused. He’s saying I’ve fabricated stories about him. He is lying to my face about things only we know are true and I’m at a loss to understand why or even prove he’s the liar. All he’s doing is discrediting me. Even cancer treatment isn’t as bad as he is. My body and mind are battered yet everyone believes him, why? Because he’s very clever. I’m going to need copious amounts of therapy to recovery from him not cancer treatment.
    Yes, I’ve thought of running away but I keep thinking justice will prevail, now I’m not so sure. I feel if he wins what’s the point of living when I’ve done nothing wrong other than challenge him. That’s been my biggest regret, I should have walked away. For one I wouldn’t be working just to pay a solicitor while I should be recovering from cancer but more importantly I wouldn’t be suffering! 😢

  2. Okay, it's 2019. When is this growing, Pop love of Narcissism going to shift? Are these continued posts and videos helping or are they adding to the now massive story that Narcissists are terrible people and here's why it's 'not your fault'. Come on Youtube personalities, is this amount of content Helping or simply piling up the story that has now grown to one of the largest click bait subjects. What else are you offering to the situation? Can you produce a video that shows a narcissist how to heal? Well?

  3. Yes do a runner when they have no idea that you're even considering the thought. Thing is, watch out for the MEGA smear campaign AND stalking after you've left; this happened to me and it's not good. This was 20 years ago before I knew what a narcissist was, never mind a covert one. I'm hopeful that I can help others by giving warnings about what might happen to them.. love to all survivors ❤️

  4. Is it possible the covert narcissist doesn’t mean to be the way they are when they hurt you? That they do it because they have a covert narcissistic parent that does it to them and the other parent so they believe what they are doing is right?

  5. Great advice!!! The narc has way to many years of experience of controlling and manipulating people than the person who is not a narc, in essence, they are professionals without a degree. All you can do is make your exit plan and get the hell out of there as fast as you can!!! Thanks for the video!!

  6. Setup by whom you’d new. He was paid by yous to do what he there did. Shows just to how hate most hold and there then torment and torture too. Two now destroyed by some of you pushing one to become a psychopath or there trying to. Silence one has truly been and there be some of you that just can’t let go. So take this in for if one committed suicide it be because of what you all took part there in. Who next when one be dead who be your next victim to destroy. Seen and fell by what all give I hope and pray the truth the real truth comes to slap you all across your face and Gods forgiveness none will get from all those lies in those stories that some had wrote. Set up blame and frame many led to disgrace by those that fed the shite out true. Ain’t that right Matt to the filth you put then led all to see it there. F-secure took your photo while you put that shite all on there. £££££££ as long as dollars you got treacherous that you had been.

  7. My dad was a grade A narc. I couldn't take the abuse so i left him in my teens never to return. Almost 10 years later after no contact he wrote me a letter blaming me for my mother's death; my mother passed away when I was a little girl from cervical cancer btw so that letter was my confirmation that I did the right thing by leaving, quietly one Autumn afternoon. When you go no contact. Keep that promise to yourself.

  8. Too late for me at the hands of this type of professional person who has totally destroyed my reputation throughout the district as a smear campaign defence of being outed as a narcissistic personality ! SERIOUSLY, you'll never ever see justice and I've got to start afresh within the medical world in another part of the country ! It's beyond criminal with such a sensitive nature of one's medical notes and health !! My Advice ? Take notice of the advice of this video. Just run and move on fast ! THANK YOU so much for this video, gratitude and Happy Wednesday from Middle Earth ! 🙂

  9. I'm a victim! My mother is one of these. As a kid she would say why don't you just do it and get it over with. Me "Do what?" Her "Kill yourself." Or "where have you been?" Me "Why?" Her "Ohh no reason I just figured you went somewhere and killed yourself." I can't count how many times she almost got me killed. I would be like what the heck you doing? You trying to get me killed. She responds "Its not my fault your not paying attention." She had people thinking I was either looking for attention or suicidal.

  10. I just moved out of a home I was sharing with a roomate. The guy was Dr. Jekyll when we met and became friends but after about 3 months OMG! The dude was a monster that ruined everyone around him. Every woman that he dated while I lived there ran away screaming and finally he totally turned on me and started blaming me for everything wrong in his life. He was very passive agressive and very, very selfish. I waited till he went to work and packed my stuff and left fast. I knew telling him I was planning on leaving would be a huge mistake. If you suspect they are a narcissist run! They are demons in human clothes. I went out of my way trying to be the guys friend to no avail. You cannot change them. Great advice by the way!

  11. Mark Twain once said, "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience."
    I've listened to hundreds (literally), of videos on narcissists and this by far is the most comprehensive. Thank-you Ross. You are %100 correct.

  12. Hi. First off, I'm definitely a narcissist. I might be special because I'm mindful and I feel like I care about others, or it could be the narcissism talking.

    However, the way people talk about it is disgusting. It isn't a choice. People still want and deserve love. It is sociopathy, so actually making someone aware of it will help in the long run because they will CARE. I do my best every day to be a better version of myself than I was before.

    You're DEFINITELY a narcissist too, my guy.

  13. My sister is a covert narcissistic, she stole my inheritance, property that was to be mine and my children. It was a very sad day for me to know that she was using me to gain the property. Anyone listening to this post listen to it very intently, because the cost is deadly.

  14. I am 7 years divorced from a narcissist but my kids still have to walk on egg shells every other week with him. I am building knowledge and trying to help them to understand… they love their dad. And because he is covert he puts on like he cares for them. I can't exactly walk away. Because we have shared custody. But I try really hard to explain to them how they don't walk on egg shells at my home, yet they do at his… they are all straight a's successful kids… I truly don't have the money to fight him for them.. even though I pay for their clothes and medical expenses. He is such a good liar I am so happy being off his radar at the moment. I soooo hope his current wife continues to take the blunt of him… no matter what you do it is wrong. I know my kids will eventually be strong and have a choice to walk away from him… I know he may manipulate them before that against me. I am stronger than him though. I can wait it out. Right now I just do my best to give them what they need and love them hard

  15. Leave!!!! Go NO CONTACT. STAY NO CONTACT. Tell the person you trust the most. You need protection.Your perfect exit plan will pull off their mask. Don't worry about what they will say about you. They have a billion flying monkeys. Screw them too. Go! Stay gone and start to heal no matter how long it takes. Don't try to defend yourself. You are not the problem. Don't talk. Don't try to reason. Don't argue. Don't fight. Plan an exit and fly. 💜

  16. Narcissist are big cowards.

    You don't have to be to scared by them or being to strategic.
    Just punch them in the face or humiliate in front people and they'll understand that they must have to start an exit plan.

    I have erased many of them like this, and no ones fight me back.

  17. Good advice. Don’t judge and label. Just get out! Trust your spidey sense. The intuition and instinct is enough that a relationship is not healthy for you. No need to even label what the intuition is saying. Just trust it. Go with your gut.


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