World Coronary heart Day 2019: Don’t ignore the center ache, it may possibly trigger severe issues | World Coronary heart Day: Frequent chest ache generally is a symptom of extreme coronary heart illness, don’t ignore


New Delhi Due to the changing lifestyle and changes in eating habits, there has been a rapid increase in heart attack patients, mostly women. Generally people take the pain in the chest very lightly, but forget that it can be a symptom of heart attack. Every year 29 September is celebrated as World Heart Day. The main reason behind celebrating this day is to spread awareness among people about heart related diseases and to tell them how common heartache can also be dangerous for people. So let us know the important things related to heart health, which helps in keeping the heart healthy.

A recent research has revealed that people often ignore common pain in the heart, due to which the problems related to heart health are increasing. Due to busy lifestyle, people often shy away from hospital and checkup. In such a situation, when this common pain turns into a big disease, they get to know about it when they have to face heart attack or major problems.

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Research has revealed that, 42 per cent of men have reached the hospital with problems related to their heart, while women are far behind them in this work and only 30 per cent of women go to the hospital with complaints of chest pain. Because of which women are more than men in death due to heart attack. Actually, the ability of women to bear pain is much more than that of men, due to which women often bear not only their injury but also internal pain easily.

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symptoms of heart attack
Signs as a warning before a heart attack are heavyness or pain in the chest, shoulder or arm. Apart from this, other symptoms are flatulence, sudden nausea, weakness or sweating etc. during regular work. At the same time, the symptoms of heart attack in diabetes patients are not understood quickly, because they often have silent heart attack. "height =" 545 "src =" https: //hindi.cdn. "width =" 970 "/></p>
<p>UP government's scuffle on pharmaceutical companies that play with the health of patients, this big action</p>
<p><strong>Keep your heart healthy like this</strong><br />Healthy food is very important for a healthy heart. Excessive use of fruits and vegetables can prevent the progression of heart diseases. At the same time, by exercising regularly, the risk of heart diseases can be reduced. Other health problems can also be avoided. Not only this, about 7-8 hours of sleep daily is very important to avoid heart attack, because lack of sleep can increase problems like obesity, high blood pressure, depression and heart attack.</p>
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