World Coronary heart Day 2019: keep away from coronary heart illnesses, don’t ignore these items | World Coronary heart Day 2019: keep away from coronary heart illnesses, so don’t ignore these items


Garima Sharma / New Delhi: Today there are millions of people all over the world, from children to the elderly who are struggling with serious heart diseases. If seen, only every fifth person in India is suffering from heart diseases. In our body, the heart is the organ that performs blood circulation. Due to which clean blood reaches every part of our body and the amount of oxygen remains in the body, but in today's part-run life, heart diseases like 'heart attack' and 'cardiac arrest' have become very common. Due to the fear of which nowadays everyone is seen getting checked in line by putting lines in hospitals. This is the reason that today, on September 29, 'World Heart Day' is celebrated every year to make people aware about heart related diseases.

Relationship of stress and heart
Stress is considered the biggest enemy of the heart. Therefore, often a direct relationship between heart diseases is seen in relation to our increasing stress. In such a situation, if we are under any kind of stress, then the brain starts working in a different way, which spoils the whole system of the heart. Therefore, the more distance you keep from worrying, the more your heart will be healthy and will support you for more time.


Sleep is deeply related
If you are also complaining of sleeplessness or your bad routine, you do not get sleep. So be aware of your heart, because when sleep is not complete, the secretion of 'stress hormone' in the body increases. Which directly affects the health of the heart. So try to change this habit, otherwise it can have a huge impact on your heart.

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<p><strong>What not to eat for 'healthy heart'</strong><br />Everyone, whether children or old, is tempted by fast food. However, to keep the heart healthy, it is necessary to keep a distance from these spicy and oily food. Apart from this, due to smoking hard drinks, we can also face serious heart diseases.</p>
<p>A solid calcium layer increases the risk of heart attack</p>
<p><strong>What to eat for 'healthy heart'</strong><br />Keeping your test under control, eat healthy diet (green tea, fiber-rich food, seasonal fruits), your heart will never cheat you, but will always be healthy, so that our body will also remain strong at all times.</p>
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