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saamana article on sharad pawar ED enquy | Shiv Sena lashed out at Sharad Pawar by way of Saamna, 'Dada, one thing is mistaken …' – jj

saamana article on sharad pawar ED enquy | Shiv Sena lashed out at Sharad Pawar by way of Saamna, 'Dada, one thing is mistaken …'


Mumbai Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar have been targeted in Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana. It has been written in the sample, 'As the elections come, there are storms in politics. Mr. Sharad Pawar brought one such tornado to Maharashtra. Before this tornado took the form of a storm, nephew Ajit Pawar suddenly disappeared, resigned as MLA and appeared on the second day and told the story of his disappearance to journalists. Telling all this, Ajit Pawar was strangled. The dam of his tears broke and the spraying of those tears could not create a storm. This whole drama happened between 11 am and 4 pm.

When the drama was in its best shape, the curtain of the first phase fell and Ajit Pawar took over the responsibility of the second phase. The first phase was a thrilling grand Sharadnatya and as it progressed Ajit Pawar interrupted his suspense and 'tragedy' drama in the middle, shading Sharad Pawar's frozen theatrical invention. Ajit Pawar resigned as MLA in a hurry and went into exile. Ajit Pawar defeated the elder sir by dhobi.

Ajit Pawar is entering the BJP and soon Ajit Pawar will announce his new party, from here onwards, like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Pawar's family has become a homegrown termite, by running such a wind, the media has given a third of Pawar-drama Phase also started. Ajit Pawar, who disappeared after the play ended, appeared and narrated the script of his resignation with tears in his eyes. Politics has reached a very low level, 'agriculture is better than such politics'. Sharad Pawar stated this wish of Ajit Pawar and on the second day Chhote Pawar put forward the same script.

In the case of the State Co-operative Bank scam, Ajit Pawar made his point and said that if the name of Ajit Pawar was not there, then this case would not have proceeded. Ajit Pawar Subke, this is true. We are also human and we also have feelings.

If he had resigned after getting Sharad Pawar's name, then why did he not tell this to others? Secondly, he was in contact with the Speaker of the Assembly four days before he resigned and he had also fixed the time to resign. If he resigned due to the allegations made on Sharad Pawar, then he could not be seen with Pawar on the day of struggle. People have many such questions in their mind. Seeing all this, it seems, 'Dada, something is wrong!'

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