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10 Issues To Do With Your Child's Undesirable Toys


Kids can grow up so fast and what used to be something they loved to play with are not items that are sitting at the bottom of the toy chest being unused. These toys are not doing anything if they are not being used besides taking up space in your house and cramping your lifestyle. But there are only so many toys you allow your kids to have and these unwanted toys need to go.

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But the question is what do you do with unwanted toys? If you are asking this question then you need to keep reading to discover ten things you can do with the unwanted toys you have in your house.

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10 Save Them In A Keepsake Box

There may be some unwanted items and toys that your kids are no longer interested in. These items may be too “young” for them in their minds. But there are some toys that you can’t get rid of like a stuffed animal or action figure that they loved so much and brought everywhere for years.

Even though they might not feel emotionally attached to it they might end up being sad years after you get rid of them. So keep them in a keepsake box that you can show them when they are grown up and we know they will be happy you kept these items.

9 Tag Sale

If you have a lot of unwanted items that your kids are no longer playing with or using then you might want to think about setting up a tag sale. Tag sales are great since you can layout all of the items in your front yard and have people come to you.

Make sure that you post about your tag sale on social media make signs so people know you are hosting one and where they can find you. Don’t forget that when you sell something you get to add that money in your pocket which never hurts.

8 Drop Them Off At A Thrift Store

Sometimes when it comes to unwanted items in your house you just want them gone. You know that you can’t throw them away, but you want them out of your house now. If this is you then you need to drop these items off at a thrift store.

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There are many popping up all over due to all of the different ones. From Goodwill to mom and pops thrift store there will sure be a thrift store that will welcome those items that are not welcomed in your house.

7 Post Them On Facebook (Free To Good Home)

Facebook is an amazing place where you connect and share your lives with friends and family. A wonderful way to get rid of any unwanted items is to post them on Facebook. When you make the post, make sure you are taking good pictures so people know what they are and make them free to a good home.

We know someone in your social circle will be thrilled that we are going to be giving them up. The best part is that if you are using your Facebook then you will know who is getting them so you don’t have to meet up with a stranger.

6 Create A Shadow Box

A creative thing that you can do with unwanted toys that your kids have is to create a shadow box with them to keep the memories you had with them. For example, if you and your kids used to play one game that they outgrow use the board, some pieces, and photos of you guys playing it to create a shadow box that you can look back at for years.

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Had to a craft store today to get the items you need to create a shadow box toy will be proud to hang on your walls.

5 Make An Ad On Craigslist

One of the best and oldest places that people have always gone to when it comes to any unwanted items is making an ad on Craigslist. Craigslist is a fantastic site to use when you are trying to get rid of the toys your kids are playing with since people are constantly scrolling the site looking for a deal.

There you can post anything from unwanted board games, electronics, and even sports equipment like baseballs and mitts that your kids aren’t using. So make an ad on their site today and you will get a response from someone soon.

4 Give Them To A Hospital

Something that you might not even know about is that children’s hospital gives out free toys to the kids they are treating. The toys they give out to kids are everything from board games to stuffed animals and everything in between.

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Hospital tries to make the time kids spend with them enjoyable since many of them are dealing with life-threatening illness. So if you have any unwanted toys give them to a hospital so it can make a sick kid’s day and make sure to involve your kids with the process so they know they are doing something good.

3 Give Them To Friends

It can be hard for us parents not to get our kids the things they ask for, even when they don’t need it. It’s just because we want to give them a better life then we had. So when your child is done with their toys talk to your mom friends out there and see if they are interested in taking any of their toys your kids don’t use.

This will help send them to a good home with people you know where they won’t just sit on the shelf collecting dust.

2 Turn Them Into Dog Toys

If they unwanted toys your kids have outgrown are stuffed animals that you should give them to your pets. Sure cats might not be too thrilled to have a stuffed animal, but dogs would love it.

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This can be a new toy to them that they can play with inside to have a toy that won’t break anything if you throw it. Or make it an outside toy that they can only play within the backyard. Give these unwanted toys to your dogs and we know they will be thanking you for them.

1 Donate Them

One of the best things you can do with unwanted toys is to donate them. There are so many charities out there that are looking for toys that they can give to families that do not have a lot of things.

Go through their items and see what are still in good condition and separate them to give to a local charity and help families that need these things. So look online today for what charities are around your community that is in need of kid toys and kid items.

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