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Apple Opens a Restore Program for the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s – jj

Apple Opens a Restore Program for the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s


Apple has recently set up an official repair program to address iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s models that aren’t powering on. Those who have these non-powering iPhones can get their devices repaired free of charge.

It’s been said that certain iPhone 6s Plus and 6s devices may have faulty components that prevent them from turning on. The issue affects models that were made from October of 2018 through August 2019.

Apple’s repair program covers users until August 2021 and depending on the purchase date. If you have an iPhone 6s Plus or a 6s that’s malfunctioning, you can check and see if you’re eligible for the repair by going on the official Apple website.

The worldwide program will not extend standard warranty coverage. Furthermore, Apple reserves the right to limit or restrict repair, depending on region or country. You can take your eligible device to an authorized provider or to the Apple Store to get it fixed.

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