Double destiny shouldn’t be all the time auspicious, know why. Double destiny line shouldn’t be all the time fortunate



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Updated: Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 16:01 (IST)

new Delhi. It is generally considered auspicious to double any line in palmistry. It is said that if another line runs parallel to an important line, it is called a support line or a subsidiary line. If another line runs parallel to the lifeline, it is considered a dual lifeline. On such a line, a person gets along with someone in life and he comes out of his problems very soon.

fate line

But … if we talk about the fate line, then the matter is different here. If a person has a double fate line in his hand, it can also stall obstacles in the way of luck. In some ways, the double fate line also serves to support, but in most cases having a double fate line is not a good indicator. Let's know in detail-

– If the fate line is coming out of the tropics in the hands of a person reaching the mountain of Saturn and another fate line is running parallel to it, then a person will be able to spend twice the income.

– If the second fate line starts parallel to the life line, then the person has to lose a lot of money in that age of life from the place of life line.

– If the second fate line is starting from the brain line parallel to the fate line, then the person's luck gets angry at one occasion. His works are in perfect condition, but they stop. This causes heavy mental stress to the person.

If the second fate running parallel to the destiny line runs from the beginning to the end and meets both at the last point, then the person gets success in any task by delay.

– If there are two fate lines in the palm and one of them is torn, then one has to face many troubles in life.

This is a good coincidence

– Some palmists in western countries associate double fortune line with double income.

– If the double fate line starts from the lunar mountain, then the person is rich and earns money especially from abroad, but such a person is not satisfied in his marital life.

– If the main fate line is long and the second fate line is short, then it becomes helpful and supports the person. Such a person gets support from wife or female friends.

– If both the fate lines are exactly the same and have deep redness, then there is no lack of money.

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