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Fuel Nicely – Wellhead Restore – jj

Fuel Nicely – Wellhead Restore

Aged gas wellhead renovation .. Success story.



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  1. Hi, I saw your video about the wellhead repair and I have some questions for a gate valve project that I am working on. Could somebody be so kind and help me with answers to the following questions:- how frequent the preventing maintenace has to be done to the wellhead and the fracking valves in general: 30 days, 60 days, 90days…?- what involves preventive maintenance: greasing, repairing, replacing (with new or refurbished valves & components) … – is maintenace done to all valves in the same time? are there areas more important than others (pumping line, wellhead, …) – is maintenance a costly process ? how would you evaluate this cost comparing to the overall production cost?- are gate valves an important component in the fracking equipment? where are gate valves placed in the process?- are gate valves more sensitive that the other valves in the fracking process?- do gate valves need more maintenace that other valves?- would it make a difference if gate valves will not need any kind of maintenace for at least 1 year (for exmple) ? would it make any sense?- if something should change to make an impct in the fracing process, what should it be?
    Any help will be much appreciated.Thanks,Mihaela

  2. I have been working with gate valve repairs 40 years. I would delete this movie working on these FMC Model 30 gate valves as it is one of the most unsafe acts of valve repair I have ever seen. These men with there new hard hats and new coveralls need to leave valve repair to people that know how before one of them gets them self or someone else killed. The supervisor or person in charge should have been fired.

  3. as i see from the begining the job, the employs doesn't have enough experience to do the job, because almost of well has a pressure applied on it,so we need to pleed the pressure to work with easy and finish the job

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