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Gwynne Dyer — Geopolitics in a Hotter World – jj

Gwynne Dyer — Geopolitics in a Hotter World

Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Dyer has worked as a freelance journalist, columnist, broadcaster and lecturer on international affairs for more than 20 years, but he was originally trained as an historian. He received degrees from Canadian, American and British universities, finishing with a Ph.D. in Military and Middle Eastern History from the University of London .


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  1. Not as close to reality as he might put it today (with more up-to-date facts), but he was exactly on the right track: before 2035, this crisis will involve the movement of (minimum) 10 million people OUT of their homes in Central America and into some sort of "displaced-persons" camp-network in northern Mexico or (more often: nearly always, eventually) in the SW USA.

    There will be no water or food to keep them alive, and no one in any level of government, no police officer, no dog-catcher will help ANYONE without substantial bribery to motivate them. Over the decade that follows 2030 or 2035, millions will die at the US border of either starvation or easily-prevented disease epidemics bred normally by any malnourished and over-crowded group that lives contained in every filth their bodies can produce.

    No more than falsely-pious sops will be offered to help, and even those will be nothing but propaganda efforts aimed at preventing the USA's populace as a whole demanding (it will be visible worldwide through every international media outlet) an all-out genocidal war on the tens of millions of helpless people dying without food and water at its border.

    God Bless America. Land of the Free.

  2. I liked this video many many years ago. Interesting how it has very little views. Much has come true. He predicted drying for agriculture, which has happened, in some places theres flooding. Either way, its no good for ag. Im sort of interested in midwest ag in how farms are going under from either trade with china (soy beans) flooding along the mississippi (climate change and monoculture) or just the failing of a dairy farm because of the market. Less grain to feed the cows might lead to less fast food supply? Maybe not. Theres so much being made and there still a huge demand for burgers, ice cream, cheese, etc. its odd that the way we farm is hurting our ability to farm. We are creating a dustbowl esque scenario but global and much much more complex. When is the breaking point? Will we see an increase in fast food sale from lower grain production? Will we ever have an inability to supply the chicken, pork, and beef for americans huge demand? Corn was pretty low this year in wisconsin.

  3. He's talking about chemtrails (which officially doesn't exist but you can see it by looking up) code named as geoengineering. He is predicting the European refugee crisis and Trump's wall. Tar sands oil is now being produced and shipped to the US with the Excel pipeline.

  4. Except it's even worse than this, because of what we're now seeing with the destabilization of the jet stream, and how sticky weather patterns can turn relatively mild changes catastrophic. Back then we thought there would be a smooth effect starting at the equator and moving north, but we now know that was fantasy, nowhere is safe. Added on to that are massive die-offs and loss of biodiversity, and running out of key resources that would make these geo-engineering plans inoperable… welp, that's all folks! Smoke'm while you gottem!

  5. Dyer has been predicting the end of the world since the early 1980s. This guy will be disappointed when nothing happens. He is a Doomsayer and he has made a living out of always predicting the End Times that never seem to come.

  6. Interesting to watch this from 8 years later – 2018. All the bad news has continued to worsen; none of the good appears even on the ropes. It's KO'd. Yes, geoengineering might buy us some time – to do the things we've spent another 8 years not doing. Nor will we. All of which, even before Trump and what will be his legacy – which greatly outlast him in legislative and administrative ways.Our – the North's – kids will be ok. Grandkids? Not so much. Beyond them? Pick you favorite armageddon.

  7. So… for as long as I can remember, I've looked forward to being a Dad someday. I've been feeling a little self-pressure, given that at this point I'm 3 years older than my parents were when they had me (their first kid). But after this video…

    …I'm not in nearly as big a hurry to bring children into this world.

  8. God bless u n ur family, Mr Gwynne Dyer, I m ur Fan on Cyprus Mail NP. Ur all articles have been changing the Mindset of the Rulers, Politicians, Officials and the general public in the World. Therefore I request here to write about the Prisons in Brazil where many incidents happen frequently bcz of congestion in the ward, n Barracks. I dont think Brazil does not have land to build big prisons in open areas n big Barracks. Criminals r to punish bcz they r dangerous in Society but not kill like this n praise the Lord .

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