Public Adjuster Wage

You can learn alot by speaking to the team on the other side of the field… This is a conversation between myself and a public adjuster because some calls I get are for aspiring public adjusters.

In this video, you will learn from a public adjuster:
1. What is public adjusting
2. Public adjuster’s salary
3. (Really important) How to become a public adjuster
4. Training offered for public adjusters and much, much more.

What is a public adjuster?

According to iii.org, “A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on his or her behalf.

Your insurance company provides an adjuster at no charge to you, while a public adjuster has no relationship with your insurance company, and charges a fee of up to 15 percent of the insurance settlement for his or her services. Note that while a public adjuster can assist with the claims process, he or she cannot get you more money than you are entitled to under your insurance policy.”

Additionally, in this video, you will learn: How public adjusters get paid, what they do, what training they provide and more. You’ll see how public adjusters help homeowners.

John Mesko works with Metro Public Adjustment.

For more information go to www.majoradjusters.com
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  1. Please be careful with Metro and really perform your due diligence on this company. Also take in consideration their 2yr non-compete clause, and they will enforce it. I know they say its because they invest training expense in you, but just beware. Something else to consider; if you are also an Independent Adjuster some of the carriers like Eberl and Renfroe will require you to give up your Public Adjuster license to work with them. There are other little ins and out that you will need to look into. Ask lots of questions and if the answers don't add up go with your gut. I'm not here to bash just offering some first hand knowledge.

  2. Awesome video. I am a licensed adjuster and I have recently completed the xactimate training course I was considering going the independent adjuster route but I think public adjusting would work better for me any suggestion on how I can get started in the broward/ Miami area.

  3. Great video. I just got my Adjusters license in South Carolina and am interested in learning more about this public adjuster or talking to this gentleman about it for the South Carolina area. My wife and I are also recent empty nesters so I would be able to travel more. I went to your website but couldn’t find any info on how to contact his company

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