Airline corporations proven curiosity in Non-public Participant Prepare | Airline corporations will run trains, non-public gamers are searching for potentialities!


New Delhi Will Indigo Airline now run trains? Will you travel in a Spice jet airline, but not in a Spice jet train? Are you going to travel on the Make My Trip train, not just flight or hotel bookings from Make My Trip? You may find this question surprising and surprising, but if sources are to be believed, all these questions may also be possible.

According to high sources of the Ministry of Railways, many giants are already showing interest in the Indian Railways as soon as the doors are opened for the private player in running the train operation. According to sources, the Railways have received inquiries from SpiceJet and Indigo Airlines on private player train operations. This means that the airline company is also exploring the possibility of running trains in the country.

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Not only this, interest is also being seen in the Indian Railways from the travel portal. On the condition of anonymity, a senior railway official told that travel portals like Make My Trip seem very interested.

It is also news that a well known caters have also expressed their interest in running private player train in Indian Railways. Railways are also very excited looking at the responses or interest from different sectors. This is the reason why the Railways has also made it clear that in the coming years, private player operated trains can be run on 150 routes, not one or two.

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Railways are looking at possibilities on 9 routes such as Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Howrah on the long route. Whereas, in the intercity route and sub-urban sector, private players can also be involved in running trains. Let us tell you that the very unique and revolutionary step of running private player train has also started in the country. IRCTC has started running private player train with the running of Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express train from October 4.

According to sources, at present, this train (Tejas Express) will run IRCTC for about 8-10 months and after this the private player will be invited to run the train through the bidding process.

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