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  1. I'm an Englishman and I support your president Mr Trump and the administration he leads I support him because he supports freedom of speech Liberty democracy and the Constitution of America once these things are lost us in the west will be taken over by the new world order those in the EU who wish to strip the governments of Europe and when one superstate with politicians and elected Carrick carrying out acts of ungodliness towards all the people of Europe carrying out mass immigration to deal way with the history and the identity of the people of those nations and what makes them unique will be destroyed forever but still we carry on the rape and the pillage of our societies and other countries by those in the EU is not about trade it is about a dictatorship new World Order and the final solution on the people of Europe by those in power in the UN and in the EU Americans are our last hope for freedom democracy and the freedom of speech

  2. Barr is going to find out what the real truth once and for all! Them maybe life can get back on track! All these inventions need to get done. The Democrats have no problem spending are money on nothening! Money that could be used to get something important done. Like helping soup kitchen or the homeless. These seem more important than trying to destroy America!

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