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From Damaged Marriage To Reconciliation – Marv & Linda Rooks – half of – jj

From Damaged Marriage To Reconciliation – Marv & Linda Rooks – half of

Moira Brown speaks with Marv & Linda Rooks about their broken marriage, being separated for 3 years, and what God used to bring them back together.



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  4. I was shocked that three years went by… but understood Marv's dispair, perhaps not as much as Linda, but I believe we as humans do not fully understand this Human Condition – (Jer17:9). I feel when we don't take the time to 'try' to understand this condition all manner of ugliness creeps in. Then we tend to run away from our hurts, habits and hangups and not address our 'issues' the dirt that was swept under the carpet will backfire… and fire on the carpet is very dangerous.  I believe your 'openness' is key to getting this dirt all cleaned out. If I sweep only a little bit of dirt and not the whole… I have deceived my self.  If I clean and then daily maintain… I can have Victory over my Pain and Problems. If I blame… Listen… the dirt won't get cleaned out. Dirty lives lead to Decaying marriages!  What will you do!?  God bless you guys as you continue in your maintenance.  <><

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