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new Delhi. After the ban on Single Use Plastic, bamboo is now going to be a big alternative to plastic goods. From the construction of the house to the furniture, all the bamboo are being prepared. Modi government has made a big plan for its farming and business, in which it is also giving 120 rupees help on every plant to the farmers. Learn about this scheme and take advantage. PM Narendra Modi has appealed many times to stop using single use plastic. Khadi and Village Industries Commission has launched the bamboo bottle.

What is National Bamboo Mission?

In a conversation with News18 Hindi, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alka Bhargava said that the Modi government has made a big plan for bamboo farming. This is creating a huge business potential. For this, the National Bamboo Mission has been made. So that its farming and business will grow. Mission directors have been made in every state. Those district-wise officers are deciding who will see this work. It consists of three departments of agriculture, forest and industry. The industry will tell the market of its product.

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What from bambooWhat can you makeThe

Can make bamboo bottles. It is being used for construction. You can build a house with it. Flooring can do. Can make furniture. You can earn by making handicroft and jewelery. Bicycles are also being built from Babu. Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture claim that the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee has given approval to use it in construction work. Now bamboo seats are also being prepared instead of cement for putting sheds. In Haridwar, the railway has built a station shed from this.

In September itself, the Jharkhand government organized a two-day bamboo artisan fair. In which the CM said that the government will send the bamboo farmers to China and Vietnam. There they will take training in making bamboo products and then become master trainers and will train other farmers here.

How much help will the farmer getThe
>>In three years, the average cost will be Rs 240 per plant. Out of which government assistance will be Rs 120 per plant.
>> 50 percent government and 50 percent farmer will plant for its cultivation in other areas except North East.
>> 60 percent center and 40 percent state share will be in 50 percent government share. While in the North East, 60 percent of the government and 40 percent of the farmers will be planted. The central government and 10 percent of the state government's share will be 60 percent in government money.
>> Nodal officers have been appointed in every district, they will give you complete information.

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In how many years is farming readyThe
>>Bamboo cultivation is usually ready in three to four years. Harvesting can start in the fourth year.
>> Its plant is planted at a distance of three to four meters, so you can do some other farming in the middle of it.
>> Its leaves can be used as animal feed. If we plant bamboo, then the cutting of trees for furniture will be less. With this you will also protect the environment.
>> Right now we are sourcing a lot of furniture from China, so you can reduce imports by cultivating it.

How much will you earnThe

>> Depending on the need and species, you can plant 1500 to 2500 plants in a hectare.
>> If you plant a plant at 3 x 2.5 meters, then about 1500 plants will be planted in one hectare. Together you can grow another crop in the remaining space between two plants.
>> After 3 years, it will start earning from 3 to 3.5 lakh rupees. No need to do a transplant every year. Because the bamboo plant lasts for about 40 years.
>> If you plant bamboo at 4 x 4 meters on the ridge of the field along with other crops, you will start earning about 30 thousand rupees in one hectare from the fourth year.
>> Its cultivation reduces the risk factor of the farmer. Because the farmer can also do other farming among bamboo.

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Forest law will not be imposed on private land but…

In January 2018, the central government removed bamboo from the category of trees. However, this has been done only for private land. There is no exemption for those who have bamboo on the forest land. Forest law will apply there.

136 species

Plant will be free from government nursery. It has 136 species. Different bamboo varieties for different work. But 10 of them are being used the most. Seeing this, you have to select the species for which you are planting bamboo. If you are applying for furniture, then the related species will have to be selected.

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