Hepatitis B is a harmful illness, it is very important maintain details about this illness | ZEE data: 'Hepatitis B' virus may be very harmful, know the best way to keep away from it …


new Delhi: Hepatitis B and C virus are responsible for the highest number of deaths worldwide, more dangerous than HIV. A large number of people are suffering from Hepatitis virus in our country, but now the effort has been started to eradicate this danger. A similar attempt is being done at Delhi's Institute of Liver and Biliary Science (ILBS Hospital).

The most dangerous thing about this virus is to strike silently. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 40 million people in India suffer from Hepatitis B infection, but 90 percent of people have these viruses in their body and they do not have any disease throughout their life. However, this virus never gets eliminated from the body.

People in whom Hepatitis B virus turns into a disease, they have to take medicines throughout their life. However, if the treatment is run continuously under the supervision of doctors, then the patient can lead a better life.

How is hepatitis disease
Hepatitis B infection can come from an infected mother at birth in her child.

-Infected needle injection

-Infected needle need to be tattooed with needle or pierced by eye-ear or body piercing

– Unprotected sex can also spread hepatitis B and C.

Symptoms of hepatitis
If hepatitis B or C disease starts to change, then joint pain, abdominal pain, and weakness may be felt.

– Fever and fatigue, yellowing of the skin, and the white part of the eyes also turn yellow.

-Looking sound is reduced.

The ILBS hospital in Delhi has launched THE EMPATHY CAMPAIGN in association with AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA to create awareness about this infection before it can be spread. The purpose of the campaign is to tell people about hepatitis infection, to be alert and to prepare for prevention.

This is how rescue can happen
During pregnancy, hepatitis B infection can be checked by both parents if the incoming child can be protected from infection. Hepatitis B injection is now present for older people as well.

Hepatitis B injection is also included in the government's necessary vaccination campaign. But those children who do not get vaccinated, or only take incomplete doses instead of four vaccines, then the challenge is not completely finished.

Cigarettes for a hepatitis patient – Stay away from things like alcohol and simple food can make a better life.

The most important information is. Talk about illness. Instead of making the patient nervous or overcome it, getting him treated and saved by injecting him in time, the country can be hepatitis free. By joining efforts like EMPATHY CAMPAIGN, you can also protect yourself and your loved ones from the hepatitis virus.

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