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Navratri 2019: to beat challenges, will contact high in profession Navratri 2019: What Your Zodiac Signal Says About Your Profession – jj

Navratri 2019: to beat challenges, will contact high in profession Navratri 2019: What Your Zodiac Signal Says About Your Profession



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Published: Friday, September 27, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Shardiya Navaratri starts on Sunday on the day of Suryadev and the constellation Hastha of Suryadev itself. Suryadev represents career, honor, position, prestige, government job etc. Therefore, if any person has to reach the top in the career, then it is important to have good sun position in the horoscope. The position of Suryadev is very auspicious on the day of Navratri, so each zodiac will get new opportunities in his career. There will be challenges along with golden opportunities to move forward but will overcome them and move forward.

Let us know what will be the effect of Navratri on planetary position …

Navratri will prove to be a boon for these zodiac signs

Navratri will prove to be a boon for these zodiac signs

  • Aries: The people of Aries will soon get a new posting, which will prove to be better for your entire career. Although the challenge of proving yourself will come again and again, but you will overcome them despite the difficulties. Will get a new job.
  • Taurus: Opportunities will be immense in front of this sign, but care must be taken in choosing the right among them. If you choose the wrong career, you may get in trouble. Seek advice from experienced people in choosing the right career. There will be good offers from multinational companies.
  • Gemini: The career of the people of this zodiac can be good in business rather than job. New startups can start. Those working in private corporate companies may have to change jobs. Seek advice from a career counselor.
  • Cancer: Young professionals of this amount will get good job opportunities from foreign companies. There will be more than one offer in campus placements. Those who are currently working, they may have to go through some mental troubles. There will be conflict with officials.

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People of these zodiac signs will get good news

People of these zodiac signs will get good news

  • Lion: If you apply for a government job, then you can get a positive answer. Students preparing for competitive exam will have to work harder. Due to less job opportunities in the automobile industry, people associated with this sector will be upset.
  • Virgo: The natives of this zodiac will get good job opportunities in areas where intelligence is used more. Film industry, writing, literature career is about to fill the career of people. Employees, officials associated with the jewelery industry will get promotion.
  • Libra: The planetary positions of Navratri are pointing towards a good career for Libra zodiacs. Promotion will be increment in the current job. If you want to change jobs, you can. The service sector is going to boom, keep your resume ready.
  • Scorpio: Time is good for the people of Scorpio zodiac associated with army, police, engineering field. Your stuck progress will be done now. People associated with these areas can get some respect. By doing your work efficiently you will make a good place among the officers.
These people will progress

These people will progress

  • Sagittarius: The natives of this zodiac will get a boost in both the government and private sectors, but you may have to change both the place and the job. Young professionals will get more than one opportunity. It is going to succeed in competitive examinations.
  • Capricorn: Time is not good for people of Capricorn working in the field of automobile, electronics, engineering. Due to recession you may have to change job. Let it be the way it is for the people of other areas.
  • Aquarius: Time is favorable for this amount, but still you have to be careful in work. Your counterparts will try to spoil your image in front of the officers. There is no possibility of increment at the moment. It would be appropriate to continue the current job.
  • Pisces: Job offers are coming from multinational companies to the youth of Pisces. Time for growth in banking sector. People working in the stock market should be careful. Do not invest more together. To take the career ahead, consult a counselor.

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