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Novel Romance – Romance & Comedy Film – Full Film – jj

Novel Romance – Romance & Comedy Film – Full Film

Future single mother and successful editor Max is publishing struggling author Jake. Soon they come to realize what they have been missing so long. Subscribe …



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  1. 35:20 up to how many seconds,i heard filipino bad words, funny there's Filipino who includes in this movie,but at the same time,disgusting coz she's butt naked and speaks bad words that i understood, but about the movie,the story is nice ^_^

  2. this movie is so nice. such a unique romantic comedy story. No one really appreciates it till they succeeded to have a complete family. I think everybody hates the woman for loving this douche womanizer writer. But the point it, if you really understood the movie, she liked him to be the donor of those sperm because she saw his talent as a writer and she's a good editor so the baby would probably become a very intelligent book writer and editor or a good author. That's all the woman wanted. And her type of guy is a good writer. A man who can make good story. She used to hate boys, so even she's quite falling in love with him even before she gets pregnant, she denies it. But now that her daughter is looking for a dad, her feelings for him becomes stronger. She even doesn't care if he's a womanizer or douche.

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