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Steve Harvey on Firing White Folks Vs. Firing Black Folks – jj

Steve Harvey on Firing White Folks Vs. Firing Black Folks

If you’re gonna fire a black guy, you best be ready for the repercussions. Watch this #ThrowbackThursday clip from my Comedy Special “One Man” and let me …



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  1. I hated one company I worked for because management made the first line managers fire their own people in the morning knowing full well they were getting fired that afternoon. When I became a manager I remembered that.

  2. Funny as hell but I know what Jesse Lee Peterson was talking about now…. These comedians, musicians and artists degrading the good black men and women in America to further this behavior.. smh…

  3. Yeah, I'm white. This is funny except for one thing. There are still ignorant people who will see this and use it as an excuse to not hire a qualified black person. That is so sad. If you believe in God we are all brothers and sisters. If you believe in evolution, go back far enough in anyone's family tree and guess what, we are all black! Man I hate racism

  4. I knew.
    They always waited to call me at home.
    After the doors were locked.
    They knew about the military experiences, but they did not know the TS clearance was still active.
    I looked them up and seen they were fn up before I took that temp job.
    Many of them are just memories of bankruptcy.
    Seems like their customers fired them too.
    I have been threatened with "You don't know who you FN with." too.
    They found out they were not the only ones that knew people.
    Others I just left and I let them stew in the own juice, never looked back.
    After you have been called in enough times to put out forest fires.
    You know how they started and how it will end.
    Sometimes I felt sorry for those left behind.
    I warned many of them to get out while the getting was good.
    A lot of them just seen a stupid old white man.

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