The Avalanches – 'Frontier Psychiatrist'

The video for The Avalanches ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ directed by Kuntz and Macquire


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  1. I've hated this song since I heard it on EQX for the first time many years ago! I'll still switch stations to this day when they play it BUT I must admit that seeing this for the first time I'm pleasantly amused 😌

  2. The trumpets didn't have a nice ring at all, "That boy needs therapy" was overused way too much, the other spoken splices don't seem to have any significant contribution to the song, the horses and bullet ricochet effects don't contribute to a unified sense to the song, the dynamics don't allow for a flowing feeling to the music, "frontier psychiatrist" doesn't get explained at all, the video hardly seems to justify any of the clashing previously mentioned… The original idea just isn't getting conveyed.

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