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What Occurs Throughout The Concept Check – jj

What Occurs Throughout The Concept Check

Your first challenge as a prospective new driver is to pass the theory test. To help you on your way here’s a step by step guide of what to expect, making sure you …



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  1. Just to let everyone Know. The hazard Perceptions in the test is much easier than the ones you see on the app. It’s very clear what is happening and you will be okay with it trust me. The multiple choice is also similar to the apps you use but they are worded differently so watch out. You don’t really need to read the Highway Code it’s like a 100page document no need to I didn’t.
    Also the best way to revise is download one of the official apps and just do the questions over and over again. Don’t read just Answer questions. It’s better to answer and you will learn more quickly. Just revise like an hour a day. I revised like 5 days before my test.
    I used the uk driving theory test. It has a good user interface and let’s you know what you did wrong or right as soon as you answer a question. All you need is your provisional licence. Some of the questions are logical so don’t worry!
    Good luck.

  2. The first time I past the hazard with 46 I failed question with 42
    The next time I past the question with 46 failed the hazard with 37
    Next time past the question with 43 failed hazard with 41
    Next past the question with 43 failed hazard 37
    I can’t believe how they score point and revising every day so they is something wrong with centre I go
    Now I changed my centre will see if I get it

  3. let me ask the theory services this your going on a long drive with a passenger (motorbike) what do you adjust no.1 (somthing which isnt the answer so forget this one) 2. suspension 3. headlight adjustments 4. tyre pressure….. in what world did you make suspension be the correct answer clearly its tyre pressure in the realistic world plus not all motorbikes have adjustable suspension quit with the money making bs and allow good riders to actually have a chance on being on something bigger than a chainsaw engine u thick f$cks

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