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A wagon, an unique dwelling for 45,000 euros – jj

A wagon, an unique dwelling for 45,000 euros

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The lovers of the railway world are among their clientele. Miguel is a young businessman from Madrid who buys old train cars already in disuse to rehabilitate them and turn them into housing, a bar, a studio and even a restaurant. We have had the opportunity to meet one of his most ambitious projects, the union of 3 wagons of the 60s with which he has manufactured a completely sustainable housing. Destiny: a rustic estate on which the law does not allow building.

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  1. mi padre tenia un amigo cuando era joven que era hijo de ferroviario y su familia vivia en un vagon acondicionado junto a otros vagones iguales que estaban ubicados en una via muerta junto a un muelle de descarga en terrenos de renfe. Mas tarde en esos terrenos la renfe construyo pisos para sus trabajadores.

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