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America's visa ban on Vigar Muslims on China – jj

America's visa ban on Vigar Muslims on China



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The United States has said that it is going to impose visa restrictions on Chinese authorities because of the harassment that is happening to the Muslim population in China.

Earlier on Monday, the US blacklisted 28 Chinese institutions working in the US in the case of harassment with Weigar Masulmans in Xinjiang province of China.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Chinese government is carrying out "a very oppressive campaign". At the same time, China has described these allegations as baseless.

In a statement, Pompeo has accused the Chinese government of harassing Vigar, Kazakh, Kyrgyz Muslims and other minority Muslim communities.

He said, "A large number of people have been kept in detention camps, they are monitored at a high level. People have strict control over their religious and cultural identity. ''

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Weigar Muslims of China

China has called the move of America unacceptable.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuan said, "The issues raised by the US citing human rights, there is nothing here."

"All these accusations are nothing but a ploy of America, so that it can interfere in China's internal affairs."

The visa restrictions that the US has imposed will apply to the officials of the Chinese government and the Communist Party, along with their family members.

There is currently a trade war between the United States and China. China recently sent a team to the United States to talk about trade war.

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Minor Vigar Muslims targeted in China

Xinjiang How are you in circumstances?

A major security operation has been going on in the last few years in China's far western province of Xinjiang.

Human rights groups and the United Nations have said that China has imprisoned more than 1 million Weigar and other ethnic minorities in the province. There are prison houses built in a large area here.

There are allegations that people in these detainees are forced to leave Islam, speak only the Chinese Mandarin language and follow the rules of the Chinese leftist government.

But to the contrary, China says that it is running a training camp in Xinjiang, through which Veigar will train Muslims and help them get jobs and get into Chinese society. Through this training, he also talks about curbing extremism.

Many other countries, including the US, have strongly condemned the camps built in China's Xinjiang province.

Last week, Pompeo made a press conference in the Vatican alleging that China asks its citizens to worship the government instead of worshiping their Aradhya.

Earlier in July, more than 20 countries signed a joint letter to the UN Human Rights Council condemning China's treatment of Weigar and other Muslims.

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What are the challenges facing China?

Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is also visiting China these days. A few days ago, when Emraan Khan was asked questions on Vigar Muslims living in China, he could not give any answer.

In an interview to Al-Jazeera on September 14, the journalist asked Imran Khan the question that there is a lot of criticism in the West about the treatment of Weigar Muslims in China. Have you ever formally discussed the matter with Chinese President Xi Jinping?

In response to this question, Imran Khan said, "You know that we are facing many problems within our country." I don't even know a lot about it. For the last one year, we are struggling with a bad economy and now Kashmir. But I can say this much that China is our best friend.

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Who is Veigar?

Weigars are actually Muslims belonging to Turkey. About 45 percent of the population of Xinjiang province is Vegar Muslims. Apart from this, 40 percent han are sugar.

When China took over East Turkistan in 1949, a large number of Han Chinese and Weigar Muslims began to feel threatened by their culture, due to which these communities started migrating.

Xinjiang is officially an autonomous region of China, such as Tibet in the south.

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