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BJP President Amit Shah election marketing campaign in Haryana, targets on Rahul Gandhi over Article 370 | Amit Shah to marketing campaign in Haryana, Rahul Gandhi encircles the difficulty of 370 – jj

BJP President Amit Shah election marketing campaign in Haryana, targets on Rahul Gandhi over Article 370 | Amit Shah to marketing campaign in Haryana, Rahul Gandhi encircles the difficulty of 370


Hisar / Rohtak / Bhiwani: In the wake of assembly elections, a round of big rallies has started in Haryana. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah has lashed out at the grand rally of Rohtak in the state of Rohtak to mark the stronghold of former Haryana Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda. Addressed the joint public meeting of Maham, Kalanaur and Garhi Sampla Kiloi of Rohtak district. During this, former minister Sampat Singh also left the Congress and joined the BJP. MLAs from the three assembly areas were also present on the stage. Shah held 3 rallies in different places in Haryana. He also rallied in Bhiwani district. Bhiwani area is the area of ​​former Haryana Chief Minister Bansi Lal. Kiran Choudhary is there.

India will go to jail for abusing mother
BJP National President and Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that no matter how many abuses Rahul Gandhi should give to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, BJP. But if someone abuses Mother India, she will be sent to jail directly. Shah said on the statement of Congress leaders on 370 issues that he used to say that we will be isolated in the world, but this did not happen. Today Pakistan is isolated. Rahul Gandhi's stomach hurts when Modi's slogans abroad. I would like to say to Rahul Gandhi that Modi's slogans are not about Modi or BJP, but for the honor of the country.

A satirical shot on Hooda and Chautala
Shah fired fierce political arrows at former chief ministers Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Chautala. He said that during Hooda's reign, there was fierce corruption. He said that if Hooda's government used to go, then Chautala's government would come. When Chautala's government came, hooliganism used to go on. When Hooda's government came, there was corruption. But the Manohar government has given justice to the people of Haryana by locking the system of hooliganism and corruption.

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There were open circles of jobs
Addressing the people in a packed pandal in Loharu, Amit Shah fiercely patted the Manohar government. He said that the work which could not be done in the last 48 years in Haryana, Manohar government showed it in five years.

Congress's only work, opposition to the interests of the country
The BJP national president said that the work of the Congress is to oppose it. They do not even see whether the issue is of national interest or not. He said that the Congress protested if the government brought a bill for triple talaq. If 370 was removed, the Congress voted against it. The Congress stood in opposition to the air strike and surgical strike. He asked direct questions to the public and said that today is the election season, it becomes your responsibility to ask these Congressmen why you oppose the issues of national interest.

Hooda surrounded in Rohtak
Amit Shah said that if Hooda comes to campaign, then you ask why the Congress opposes 370. Shah asked the public that you want a party of familyism in Haryana? He said that Chautala and Congress party are the party of familyism. When Hooda came, corruption came, Chautala came and hooliganism came. Shah said that I have come here in Rohtak to give the account to the Congress people. For 10 years Congress had a government at the bottom. Hooda should tell what he gave in Rohtak in 10 years. Otherwise we will give you the account. BJP people know how to calculate the pie, as much as 55 years did not progress, we did in 5 years.

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