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Carl // Good Morning Unhealthy Luck – jj

Carl // Good Morning Unhealthy Luck

No antidote clenching teeth
Sick waiting for not being patient
Together the eyelids already na 'appears
Everything is going well … Then it dawns
Good morning bad luck
Go under stairs to follow snakes
Throw the dice and I never saw seven (or bills)
Life is a game do you understand?
And you Carlos daily you lose
There are no more ghosts or silhouettes in bed
Just more doubts and doubts for nothing
Escaping smoke through the window
Hating to have forged yesterday of tomorrow
I watch the lines in my palm change
In this new shell and old soul
Anxious but I take it easy
This is a dream I hear near the fucking alarm

On top of me it rains from a single cloud
More nightmares than years is what comes true
If God exists, I doubted himself
Monotony or let vù here I was already
I see flash backs in sepia
I get inspired but there are many interferences
Those voices in your head
Are you sure they are what you think?
I turn to heaven maybe someone sees me
They have studied me more than I already studied
Thinking about what it could be but it wasn't
Too many falls I learned to fall on my feet

I'm very bad today … having a good time
I'm very bad today … having a good time
With attention on what nobody sees
Everything goes through something or someone (x2)

Recorded in 2017.


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