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Charity Clothes Financial institution helps households over Ramadan – jj

Charity Clothes Financial institution helps households over Ramadan

(26 Jun 2017) LEADIN
A Charity Clothing Bank has been set up in Amman for people in need during Ramadan.
The organisation aims to help over 70,000 people have new clothes for the current holiday, Eid al-Fitr.
This is a clothing store with a difference. Throughout the month of Ramadan families in need in Jordan can come here to pick up clothes for free.
All the clothes at the ‘Charity Clothing Bank’ in Al Mahatta, Amman have been donated by the charity “Kitab and Suneih” and by the Clothing Dealers Association.
The aim is to make sure every Jordanian will have clothes to celebrate the religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which has now begun.
“The number that we are trying to reach through this campaign, which started at the beginning of Ramadan, is 70,000 beneficiaries, by reaching 3,000 beneficiaries a day at minimum,” explains manager of the Charity Clothing Bank Rawan Masadeh.
“So the beneficiaries can reach our services by spending as little as possible and we can help them obtain the clothes they need.”
It is common practice for Muslims to buy new clothes to celebrate Eid. However for families in need the religious holiday can be a strenuous time, which puts the spotlight on their circumstances and can intensify the stigma and pain of poverty.
The clothing campaign was advertised through social media and street signs as well as on Husna radio station. At the beginning of Ramadan the organisation also called for people to donate clothes to the campaign.
In order to obtain clothes, each family needs to register with the organisation and provide an official document proving how many members are in their family.
Once in the showroom, they get 15 minutes to pick out three pieces of clothes or shoes per family member and then check them out, free of cost.
Since there are over 50 families in the showroom every 15 minutes, 25 volunteers help them choose the clothes that best fit their needs.
The organisation tries to keep the full process of registering, picking the clothes and checking them out under an hour, but it can sometimes take longer due to the number of people who come on a daily basis. People usually wait for their turn in the shade or under a tent set up by the Charity Clothing Bank.
Everyone comes here for a similar reason but their stories are all different.
“I came here today to get clothes for my daughter. Her husband is unemployed and she has an ill son. He has a brain illness and I came here to take some clothes for them,” explains one beneficiary called Sahar, who didn’t giver her last name.
Another is Hanan who says the charity heard her her family’s situation wasn’t good:
“A colleague in the orphan’s charity, name Ruboua, took the name of my children and she told me: ‘Hanan, I signed your children up, go there and they will help you get Eid clothes,” she says.
The Charity Clothing Bank is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 by the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO). It aims to provide appropriate clothing to Jordanian families registered with the National Aid Fund.

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