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Denise Austin: Cardio Calorie Burn Dance Exercise- Low Influence – jj

Denise Austin: Cardio Calorie Burn Dance Exercise- Low Influence

Denise Austin: Cardio Calorie Burn Dance Workout- Low Impact is a metabolism-boosting, 30-minute dance-inspired aerobic workout that is designed to use fluid, joint-friendly movement to elevate the heart rate, work all of the major muscle groups, and ignite weight loss potential to tone the body from head to toe! Twist, Mambo, and walk off the extra pounds with America’s Favorite Fitness Expert, Denise Austin as she takes you through this exciting and effective cardio workout from her Popular “Shape Up and Shed Pounds” Fitness DVD. Lose inches from your waistline and boost energy as you target the abs, arms, legs, hips, thighs, chest, butt, obliques, and shoulders with this full-body tone-up. Strengthen the core and sculpt a lean and sexy dancer’s physique with fun, gentle moves like lunges, squats, rock step,, V-step, Mambo variations, reverse lunges, torso twists, Charleston walks, kicks, overhead punches, hip flexors, and many more that will get you defined results fast! This workout requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Re-shape your body and have a blast with one of the best in the business right from your very own home. This workout includes a warm-up and cool-down and is great for all fitness levels. Denise’s positive “can-do” attitude will keep you inspired and moving all of the way to the end as she helps you to be your best and get the most out of each exercise. Click here for more FREE cardio dance workouts: http://bit.ly/13tXzI0

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  1. So glad I came across this! I did this workout last night. I'm very out of shape and I get frustrated with aerobics video that are too high impact when they say they are low impact. I was able to do this entire workout without stopping and I was drenched in sweat by the time it was over. It was so fun! There were only two moves I couldn't do…a jumping one so I just walked in place and this twisting "high heel" move thing she did lol. My left knee doesn't like to twist that way so I just walked in place on that part as well.

  2. Wow. It’s been a long time since I worked out with Denise. I forgot how fun (and effective) her workouts can be. I am sure I was either two steps behind or did not get all the routines correct, yet I had fun with this workout. Not to mention I am totally sweaty now. I need to look for more of her stuff to try.

  3. I'm 67 yrs. old and although I've exercise a lot in the past, in the past 2 yrs. I've become a slug, not doing much other than walking my two small dogs. I loved this workout. And although I only made it through the first 20 mins., it's one I will return to. Easy to follow steps.

  4. Denise Austin is great. Love this. For all of you that are upset about the jumps just don't do them. It's so easy to just leave that part out. If I can't physically do something in a workout I just leave that part out. Glad I found some of her workouts on here. She's always been a favorite of mine. 💖

  5. I’d enjoy your videos if you gave instructions instead of just moving from one thing to the next like I know what the routine is. By the time I get it, one side of my body doesn’t get the workout the other just received. I’ll never watch any of your videos again because they are all like this.

  6. Ditto Kimberley Schuck, I too love Denise Austin's workouts. I have her full body workout DVD from years ago and absolutely feel so well worked all over my body with what she offers; she knows how to work you :)!!! This was great, challending, and fun. I am most appreciative of these BeFit segments.

  7. i have a problem with rebound. i was always thin.. gain weight all of a sudden .. lost it..went from 78 to 60 kg  .. it took me more than 4 years .. exercises and healthy food habits. .. but then became 67 .. now i stopped exercising for 9 month and i am back to 70 🙁

  8. Sweating and swearing at the same time but I DID IT! At age 56 and 15 pounds heavier after a full hysterectomy two years ago, my energy level is not what it was at 20, 30 or even 40 but I'm determined to get into better shape. Thanks for the low impact start.

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