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“DO NOT PLAY SAFE’ ’- Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz – October 6, 2019 – jj

“DO NOT PLAY SAFE’ ’- Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz – October 6, 2019

Today's reading of Bob Goff's book, "To All, Always" and the Gospel of Matthew point us to a life that has a purpose: that purpose is to live in the way of Jesus. This life does not seek a reward for practicing our piety before others, as a way of promoting our own importance or self-righteousness, but living in a way that demonstrates our commitment to the great commandment of Jesus. Jesus seems to be indicating that our good deeds should be an act of generosity in response to the great love God has shown towards us. It is a love that penetrates deeply into our souls, transforming the way we see ourselves and others. This generosity is lived in our delivery of time, talent and treasure, because “where your heart is, there will also be your treasure! Loving everyone is always a challenge, but the challenge is worth it because it blesses and blesses the recipient. God did not play it safe by loving us, we are not called to go safe by loving others generously. From this series, I am discovering that we are really together in this, that you and I are part of everyone, we are deeply connected and that when we all do our part, the world really is a better place. Let's build on our relationship with God and among ourselves while we worship together today.


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