Ghana's Newly Found Oil Business and Constructing of Refinery (Injection of Gasoline)

Ghana’s Newly Discovered Oil Industry and Building of Refinery (Injection of Oil and Gas) Oil in Ghana was discovered in 2007 during ex- President John …



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  1. You see this man can't even forcast that actuary aggregat in macro sphere. He prior said from 2007 -2017 10 yrs from now Ghana would be like Singapour Lol. Anyway go to Ghana in 2018, they. Havent reach 50% of 1/4 to better off his population bitter lives. Yea problem of leadership in Africa. Said it laoudly.

  2. The hole issue is to let smart leaders govern Africains countries. Ghanaian, I don't think they are there. They can't go to the past to shape there future. Too distract peoples, too corruption, unwilling to learn cue from others. Never build a country top down but rather down to top. Where are there mentor ? Just taking from them ? Western Togoland, your independence now. For fishermen there great great parents fead them on fishing, they also want to fead there children on fish. Just by they way they build there houses, you truly measure there mentality. Oil Oil Oil on there tongues but dont have that mental strength to handle it.

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