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Judy Jacobs – Days of Elijah (No God Like Jehovah) – jj

Judy Jacobs – Days of Elijah (No God Like Jehovah)

Judy Jacobs singing Days of Elijah.



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  1. Judy Jacobs God Bless your Capabilities and Devote to Worship Will all your Desire!! From Ssiyomba Isaac Pastor
    For Naioth Christian Faith Restoration Church AFRICA In Kabalagala Kampala Uganda Ssiyommbaisaac Fcbk page for Spiritual Inspiration Manifestations Formation and Growth.

  2. These are the days of the Lion coming back instead of the lamb the first time. Daniel's 70 weeks fullfied when Israel established and 70th anniversary. Now we are in the days of the King of glory 👑✝️coming back behold He comes riding on the clouds! All those trusting Jesus will meet in the clouds. In a moment in a twinkling of an eye we will be changed into His glory. 👑✝️Yeshua Messiah/Christ Jesus

  3. Beautiful people let's feed the 🌎 🙏 Amen with love and glorious grace ✝️ Amen 🕊️ 🕊️ 🕊️ in unity nothing will ever move be as good as the word of God ✝️ jesus jehovah yahweh yeshuwa hamashia EL ✝️❤️💜🙏🙌 God's hands of creation 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 Walk in the foot steps of the lord ✝️ Amen 🕊️ 🕊️ 🕊️

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