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Published: Thursday, September 26, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Transit of the Navagrahas in different zodiac signs and their retrograde movements affect the natives associated with each zodiac. There are some special days of the year in which if a planet changes its position, it has a wide impact. Two planets are changing their zodiac sign in Shardiya Navratri. On September 29, Mercury will enter the zodiac sign of Venus, while on October 3, Venus is entering its own zodiac sign. The coming together of Mercury and Venus in Libra zodiac will affect the mental life and emotional life of the couple.

Let's know what will be its effect on different zodiac signs ….

Love life

Love life

  • Aries: Time cannot be considered favorable for Aries people in terms of love life and personal life. There can be a rift in their love affairs. Differences are about to emerge in married life. Love life will be disturbed due to an outsider.
  • Taurus: The love life of this zodiac sign is going to be fantastic. Relationship with partner will be strengthened. Love will increase in married life. Can go on a romantic trip. Those who do not have love in their life, they will soon find a partner.
  • Gemini: Boyfriend and girlfriend will spend good time together. Gifts will be exchanged to strengthen the relationship. New love relationships will be obtained. Married people will have to stay away from extramarital affairs, otherwise the relationship will deteriorate.
  • Cancer: You will get mental and emotional support from your partner, but take care not to work forcefully. Do not impose on your will partner. It will be necessary to keep transparency in the relationship. It would be better to go to candle light dinner with your partner.

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Sweetness will come in relationships

Sweetness will come in relationships

  • Lion: Take any decision regarding the partner by heart and not by mind. If we focus on relationships, it will not take long to grow the distance. Will go on a pleasant trip with partner. Gifts are the best option to increase sweetness in married life.
  • Virgo: Women and women of this amount will get a big gift. Love proposal will be received, marriage will become a matter of unmarried people. Young men and women who have been in love for a long time will be bound in marriage. Love will increase.
  • Libra: The transit of Venus is happening in this zodiac sign, so the romance of their love life is going to be tremendous. But take care not to pressurize your partner for sexual relations or else you will get into trouble. Control emotions.
  • Scorpio: There is a sign of separation in love affairs, so avoid any argument with your partner. Tensions will increase due to the arrival of a third person in your relationship. You may be accused of some kind.
No need to be too emotional…

No need to be too emotional…

  • Sagittarius: The native of Sagittarius will pursue their love with satvikta. If you understand your partner's feelings and behave accordingly then you will touch the top in love. The time has come to convert Prem into marriage. Will get children.
  • Capricorn: Many love affair will come in the life of the Capricorn people together, but be careful, you will feel mental tension. So it would be better to stay with one of the committed relationships. Married people will have a pleasant life.
  • Aquarius: The people of this zodiac will lose their relationship due to their angry nature. You will have to understand your partner's problems, support them. You will lose your love affair by running your own every time.
  • Pisces: The people of Pisces will go on a romantic trip with their spouse or boyfriend. Will exchange gifts. Sexual relations will strengthen. New partners will be found. There is no need to be too emotional if there is any tension in the relationship.

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