Want for Pace IV Excessive Stakes Gameplay

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  1. "Gotcha" always was a real badass, i hated that guy.

    But seriously, this game, in sum.. you can feel how EA used to love what they did, with attention to detail. A short story about the car with a slideshow – – unimaginable in today's games! Unfortunately.

  2. this definitely brings back fond memories.
    I think I miss this NFS title the most due to its easily modded cars/courses. I had about 70 cars and 30 some odd tracks, of course, the downside was being limited to only the number of cars/courses that came with the game. I didnt have a single "stock" car or course. the good thing (with the courses) is there was no designation for length, only over all file size, most my courses came out easily 4-5 times longer 🙂
    as for cars, I had several cars I created myself, models as well as performance. the modded cars also looked WAAYYY better (for that era of graphics, at least)
    if you loaded a stock car into carcad, you found they took a LOT of shortcuts in the design, something like 24-32 points of reference over all, most of the cars I had/made used 24-32 just for the tires !
    to give a basic idea __/ would be the lower side of the tire… flipping it would be the upper… not kidding

  3. My favorite track in this game!!!
    It looks like a magic place if you turn on fog and vertex lights on car.
    And when it starts race press H when camera rounds up you – you will hear "BEEEEEEYUUUUEEEEP" – horn sound like at scratched vinyl disc!!!

    "GETTHEREFAST", "MOON", "SLIP" as I remember.

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