OTC Community card eligible objects and Retailer Record | OTC Community card Product Record

Latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cGDXaRjZa4 OTC Network Drug List: https://youtu.be/51aDiKLr7CQ WIC Card Eligible Items: …



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  1. OTC insurance card's. Such as United health care &humana etc…. Don't allow ppl to buy shampoo. It's an over the counter prescription card. You can get medicinal purposes products"shampoo".And I'd hit the bigger pharmacies. You may be able to get help with outside nys with city otc card's.But nyc is not one of them,with disability insurance. For what it's worth.I don't think you are a lier. I can't even see the video. As my phone won't catch.✌🌻"I just found out that 14 years ago.United health care had issues with stores giving people food &cigs etc…. Again I didn't see video.But United health care nyc, they just shut OTC mobile store down.

  2. Lot of products that your suppose to be able to buy, not allowed and every store varies? Download OTC phone app use it to scan products and report those you can't, you see an option to report an item that's denied.

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