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Romance Assortment – Metal – Full Circle – jj

Romance Assortment – Metal – Full Circle

Starring: Teri Polo, Reed Diamond, Corbin Bernsen A young woman, traυmαtized by rαρe at an early age, slowly learns to trust and love again as she struggles …


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  1. This movie is so awful. Just read the fucking book which is amazing. First she get raped, then she goes to something like internate where she meet this lovely black girl etc. She meet Harry at ball you know that one where she is introduce to society etc. Harry gets hurt it war in Vietnam. JUST REALLY BAD MOVIE. I CRIED WHEN I READ THE BOOK. THIS IS TRAGIC

  2. [Harry Windsor's story – he raped a blonde, which was a virgin, she said, in court, he gets a reward for his misconduct, as p[aralyzed man in wheelchair, he has the right to live beside the same girl, who adds a baby to this family he's misfit of. The life goes on, ecc. Others make a path to its p[rogress]. – Nothing about Meghan Merkle, or Markle, or whatever – the girl in fact a San Diegan by its birth rights, it seems, … It ends beautifully. Of course, he isn't healed from being [paralyzed]. That's the "other volume". Not unlike "Gone with the wind", another "other" many years later, has as well "sketched" that one : Harry Windsor as a drunkard, living in psychiatries, and rehabs, on this world ground….. Let them live, and live well : God save "us" the Queen! I may say here, at this point of view's end.]

  3. The title of the movie is "full circle" it's because the same thing her mom did, the daughter cane and did. That is, to get involved with a married man who is separated and cannot offer her a full life.

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