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Samsung suits NBA's largest centerhung LED videoboard at Chase Middle – jj

Samsung suits NBA's largest centerhung LED videoboard at Chase Middle


Samsung Electronics America has installed the largest centerhung video display in the NBA. It’s located in the Chase Center indoor arena which opened on September 6 as the new home venue for the Golden State Warriors. The centerhung videoboard consists of 15 displays with different pixel pitches for various viewing angles, adding up to a total of 9,699 square feet (2,956 square meters) of active video display.

53.6 million LED pixels are sprinkled throughout Chase Center

Samsung and the Golden State Warriors also celebrate the installation of the first-ever “full outdoor LED display” in San Francisco. It’s located on the venue’s outer wall near the west entrance. In addition, Samsung Electronics America also sprinkled the venue with numerous other LED panels, stating that all of the LED displays add up to an impressive 53.6 million individual LED pixels.

The NBA 2019-20 season kicks off on October 22. Since the 1970-71 season, the Golden State Warriors played its home games at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. The inauguration of the Chase Center arena marks the first time in nearly five decades for the Golden State Warriors to be playing its home games in San Francisco.

Through its recent work, Samsung Electronics demonstrated once again why it’s been the worldwide leader in digital signage for 10 consecutive years. The company has installed LED panels around the world, both indoor and outdoor. Less than a year ago Samsung installed the world’s largest LED signage at the Istanbul Airport, while earlier this summer the company fitted 1,081 square meters of LED panels at NYC’s One Times Square.

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