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Profitable Blended Households | Marriage At the moment | Jimmy Evans, Karen Evans, Ron Deal – jj

Profitable Blended Households | Marriage At the moment | Jimmy Evans, Karen Evans, Ron Deal

Parenting is hard enough, but if you’re a step-family there are additional challenges. Blended family expert Ron Deal shares his insights on creating a successful …



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  1. I agree with most of what is said, but you don't EVER EVER badmouth the biological parent-especially in front of the kids. Respect goes both ways and if the stepparent lies to the biological parent about what the child is doing, you have a major problem. A couple who is thinking of marrying with kids from a previous marriage should get counselling, not enter into the marriage selfishly, and try to treat the spouses's children as if they were their own sticking to it.

  2. The Phantom Philosopher, You insinuate that all natural fathers are deadbeats. This is simply not true. I am a natural father who's wife divorced me due to her getting involved with a High School flame on Facebook after 9 years of marriage. I love my children, I never wanted to be away from them. I didn't get a choice. Now I have to live with the fact that a man who left his wife to be with my wife is now involved with my kids more that I am. Again I don't get a choice because the court gave her physical custody and she moved them far away from me knowing that by the time it made it to court she would be established where she is and the court would not make her come back. This situation makes be bristle at all step parents but I know that they are not all to blame. I am sorry that you feel challenged, Maybe you could try to change your attitude and just be thankful that you have the chance to be involved.

  3. Sure it is hard being in a blended family. But it is do-a-ble. It i very important during the dating process to make every effort to pay attention to your soon to be spouse during conflict with your or their children to see how issues are handled. Then you will have an idea of what you may be marrying into.

  4. He mentions early that the natural parent may be soft but then says that the discipline has to come from the natural parent, it becomes hard when that natural parent has been the softy good cop for time and then blame may come to the step parent from the child – hey you never cared before but now you're with him/her now you do. Would love to know how to get over that hurdle. 

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