Telemetro Studies Medical Malpractice on the Panama Social Safety Fund

Interview of the Father of Yair, only 15 years old, who died on January 7, 2018, at the Dr. Arnufo Arias Madrid Hospital Complex, alleged medical negligence in the Social Security Fund of Panama. His father will request an input from his deceased son but he needs the help to hire private experts from a university in the United States or another country. If you want to contact the father, write to 507 62919644 or email yairalexanderrodriguezd@gmail.com. It is very important that the true reasons for the death of this young man who was never ill in his 15 years of life be demonstrated, much less suffered from the kidneys. Since it is not proven these irregularities could be any Panamanian in this situation. Enough of so many deaths in the Social Security Fund and nobody says anything.


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