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The case of dragging the mayor in Mexico with a decide up truck – jj

The case of dragging the mayor in Mexico with a decide up truck



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CCTV footage of the mayor being dragged on the street

11 people have been arrested for forcing the mayor of their village in southern Mexico to be forced out of their office, tied into a pick up truck, and dragged onto the streets.

Local police intervened to free Mayor George Louis Escandon Hernandez. However, the mayor has reportedly not suffered any major injuries.

This was the second attack on the Mayor by farmers. They were demanding the mayor to fulfill the promise of repairing a local road made by him during the election campaign.

Additional officers have been deployed in the village located in Chiapas state.

Mayors and local politicians are often targeted by drug gangs in Mexico when they refuse to cooperate with their criminal schemes. However, they are not usually attacked with regard to election promises.

Escandone said that he wanted the charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.

The video taken by viewers outside the mayor's office shows a group of men dragging them out of the building and forcibly putting them behind the vehicle.

A CCTV footage shows that they are being dragged on the streets of Santa Rita by tying a rope in the back of the truck. This road is part of Las Margaritas.

Dozens of municipal police officers arrived to stop the vehicle and rescue the mayor. Many people were injured in the scuffle between the police and those who kidnapped the mayor.

In an incident four months ago, a group of men ransacked his office when they had not met him there.

Escandone was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a dispute with supporters of a rival candidate during the mayoral election in Las Margheritas.

However, he was later released due to lack of evidence.

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