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This FemaIe REFUSED To Marry IR Couple As a result of Of "Beliefs" She Has – jj

This FemaIe REFUSED To Marry IR Couple As a result of Of "Beliefs" She Has

This N0N Blk Woman Made News By refusing To Marry A lR Couple Check Out My Website For More Content https://jdb-media.net/ Follow Me On Spreaker …



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  1. ??????Christian beliefs… The Bible spoke about pastors being men never a female. Thats not their role. Isnt Christianity based on the Bible’s teachings…so she’s not Christian, don’t let her make you think she is.

  2. The Bible say marriage is between a man and a woman. There were mixed relationships in the Bible. King Paul had 7 wives from different countries. His downfall was he was worshiping his wives religion along with serving God. You can only serve one God.

  3. People have become emboldened because of Trump's race baiting and because SCOTUS failed to address the use of religious beliefs as a reason to deny services/products to others. This couple can travel to another state to get married.

  4. This Christian belief bulshit sounds like other like another race of woman I know who shouts Bible quotes and try to act like the holier-than-thou when in reality they ratchet ass f*** and don't even follow the Bible's laws and teachings

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