Shopping for properties now costlier, When will properties get reasonably priced? |The City Debate with Faye D'souza

On The Urban Debate with Faye D’souza tonight, RBI states now buying home more expensive, Mumbai is the costalist city for homebuyers as the house price to monthly income ration rises. So the dream homes are getting more unaffordable. Were as Bhubaneshwar is most affordable for homebuying.
-RBI survey on housing.
We ask- Wehn will homes get affordable?
To know more watch the video!

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  2. Low FSI by local govts make price of land in cities extremely costly.
    There are also developmental charges that has to be paid to local govt. And then per capita Income in India is just US $ 2050. With the such low per capita income, most people can not afford to buy 1 BHK flat worth US $ 50,000 in cities.

  3. that's not right income hasn't gone down it is adjusted for inflation. so in short even if u earn more that doesn't add value as everything else is also getting expensive and then with the remaining money that is left you calcuate the %. i hope it's clear.

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