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Excessive Depth 5-Minute Miracle Exercise Arthur Jones – jj

Excessive Depth 5-Minute Miracle Exercise Arthur Jones

Sub-5-minute, once-weekly workout for fast fat loss and muscle gain


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  1. Certainly did lots of pounds to failure, but why no rest between the sets? Intensity? Nonsense, this flawed workout is limited by the energy capacity of the whole body, not the muscles, right after the first set. Might increase stamina, but we aren't trying to build endurance here, are we?. The muscle should be the ONLY limiting factor, not overall energy that drops as work out continues.

  2. Finally a REAL Jones w/out!!! Although thats gotta be one of THE worst trainers in existence. Had Arthur Jones been training him he would've gotten at least 3-5 more reps in each exericse followed by 3-4 forced reps, followed by 3-5 negative reps, followed by a minimum 10 second static hold until the weight fell. The trainer should be screaming sooo freakin loud at the trainee the windows would be shaking & the trainee scared for his life. Jones would've left this trainee throwing up on the nice clean floor. But the trainee would've ended up at least 2lbs lbm heavier by the next w/out 7-10 days later. He should've began the w/out w/ the leg press at (5:24) and dropped the redundant pressing/rowing exercises.

  3. even Arthur Jones himself discarded Mentzer's consolidated workout routine, which he said was too less to stimulate any muscle growth. I love hit.but you gotta train for atleast 25-30 min each session, no less than twice a week. for compounds you need to do one or two warm up sets to prevent injury by stretching a cold muscle. Then you should do an all out working set. for isolation moves, you can go directly into the working sets, provided that you have done a compound movement targeting that muscle before.

  4. When debating the effectiveness of volume vs intensity, the only thing that matters is the increase of strength. So if HIT yields faster strength gains, then it's clearly more effective. If it doesn't, then it isn't. Simple. Debating aesthetics is a mistake.

  5. 36 years old. Training well over 20 years now. All natural, benching over 200lbs at 145lbs at 14 years old. I used to train 1.5 -2 hours a day in my 20’s… I’ve tried the two a day BS.. Today I do a very fast, low rest, 45 min workout daily which is great for my overall endurance but also amazing cardio and I’m getting my best gains! Didn’t have cell phones when I started lifting. I still don’t bring my phone in. Get in there and train hard and fast. No BS. No texts, no buddies at the gym. I keep my music going and I train. Not sure about this 5 minute workout though…. I work hard and I don’t know a single persons name at my gyms. The gym is not a social club. Get in there and train hard, get out, eat well and get your rest in!! Do that every day!!! Currently 5’9” 204lbs and I feel better at 36 than I ever have with my shorter workouts.

  6. This guy is so out of shape that by the third exercise he doesn't have enough wind in him to make it effective. If I saw this guy on the street I'd say he never touched a weight in his life. Those who do this are only attempting to create a good physique with a small amount of sets. Wishful thinking, but unfortunately you must put your time in the gym. These quick fixes don't work. This guy is strong no doubt but he looks like a fat guy working out.

  7. I am not spending £57 a month on gym membership to only use it for 5 minutes a week. Also unless it's one of those 24 hours gyms and you go late at night or 4 in the morning, you will not get an opportunity to do all these exercises back to back. Plus most gyms will not have Nautilus or Hammer machines. I'm not knocking the workout, just not practical for me.

  8. Basically circuit training to failure. Nothing new or inventive. Personally I like to devote all energy to one body part at a time. Occasionally alternating with antagonistic body parts ( bi and tris or chest and back)

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