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Jim Daly and his spouse give their finest marriage recommendation – jj

Jim Daly and his spouse give their finest marriage recommendation

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly and his wife, Jean, were guests on The Boundless Show live podcast recording at #Pursuit2014. Watch as they give …



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  2. Great couple and great testimony!!! This advise is so crucial and essential for the marital success of couples today, living in a selfish, hedonistic society. People needs the requisite communication and relationship skills to fight for the marriage and resolve conflicts.

  3. Threaten each other with ice buckets, threaten each other with timeouts, even threaten each other with murder. But under no circumstance should you ever utter the "d" word during your marriage!!!

    btw, the d word is divorce.

  4. I DONT agree is to wait to serve to our spouse! It should be learnt as second nature before marriage..first! And unfortunately with all the Christians in the world, not everyone is going to be married and stay married but this does not mean we are not to SERVE one another in the church in the body of Christ!

  5. Mr. jim Daley married couples should be thankful that The Lord saw fit to give them a spouse because there single women & men would love to walk in their shoes. I say to married couples be thankful for one another cherish one another and nurish each other. make sure that that is the spouse that The Lord has joined the both of you together

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