Keith City Gained Entertainer of the 12 months 2005 CMA Awards Nov 15


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  1. See when you wait for it and you're not expecting it someone real special will walk into your life like Nicole, I seen you in your second one last night, I've never seen you so happy in my life watching you cuz now you have everything. Congratulations

  2. Keith has deserved to win Entertainer of the Year so many times and he hasn't these awards have turned more into what the academy wants and not who deserves the award. Not taking anything away from Luke Bryan but I think that Keith has gotten robbed these past few years including when he has been up for male vocalist. Unfortunately I don't believe it's going to change anytime soon, this is why I don't bother watching anymore.

  3. It doesn't get more real than this guy. He is hands down the best &, like EVERYONE else has said on here, should be nominated & win every year. He puts his whole heart and soul into his performances and his music and that's why he has such loyal, faithful fans not only at his concerts but who leave comments like all the ones below. Not to mention the fact that he's a wonderful, beautiful human being, both inside and out. I'm so glad he's as successful as he is & that he's so happy now. 🙂

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