KIB220C – Divine Firewalls and the Judgment of God

KIB 220 – Divine Firewalls and the Judgment of God Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Drawn from Zech. 2, the Lakes provide a prophetic warning that America and …


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  1. Really enjoyed today's broadcast, thank you so much!! Something hit me when you both spoke about, "this has an end". I grabbed that and went to the Lord. I began to speak, this has an end in the Name of Jesus. Something changed. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Speaking of Fortnite and flashing lights and implanting thoughts and whatnot, I believe the reality show Big Brother on CBS is doing some weird things. It's a show that my family and I have watched for years, but we don't anymore because in the recent several seasons my mom feels very ill after watching that show.

  3. I was driving to work one morning around 1989 or 90 worshiping with a cd and for a nano-second a veil was lifted and the Reverential Fear of God hit me. My desire was to be face down but stopping the car would have caused a wreck.

  4. One morning as I was in my prayer room sitting at the desk I was shown a " flash" vision of when I was a young girl standing in a dark bathroom with other girls in front of a mirror where we would chant " Meriweather, Meriweather or, it could've been " bloody mary, bloody mary". We would dare each other to chant this over and over expecting her hand to come through the mirror and scratch us! I sat there in shock at what I was shown and realized I needed to repent for participating in witchcraft!

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