He promised this man advantages such as going free to live in his tannery in Baianão and that he would help to make a lot of money by getting a lawyer to get a labor claim. But for that he should produce evidence and asked him to record our conversations by mobile but the shot backfired. The two unwittingly recorded their own conversations for two months all the frame the same began to pass where I lived where my children studied the time I came and went and the routine of my children and my wife. One day Arrocha Criminal Michael Jackson (Alessandro Facundez) approached my wife at the door of my son's college including filming and breaking our privacy. It was then that I became suspicious of Mr. Carlos and he opened the game to me and told the whole frame. As video above. This crazy man jumped the wall of my house, because he knew I was traveling. For the same is a coward never had the courage to come to me, always acts and keeps hiding behind lies. He says I'm a stalker without ever having a criminal case every week, he makes up a lie about me. (A FAILURE) Result of this video Mr Carlo was fired (BY JUSTA CAUSA) Alessandro facundez Bezerra responds to Criminal Procedure sent not by me or my wife but by the Porto Seguro Police Station. Keep publishing like he's the victim. But that's how he told my mother that I was with HIV my mother gave support, helped in everything. He is looking for councilors to make him a citizen of Porto Seguro but good citizens do not commit CRIMES.


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