She Cheated On Her Fiance The Day Earlier than Their Wedding ceremony With The Greatest Man !


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  1. These have to be actors. Have to be. It seems like bad acting to me.
    I would actually be fine with my girlfriend making out with her friend (a women), I actually wouldn’t care if she had her face buried in her snatch (except for diseases) but once a dude is in the picture FU bitch. The first poor guy not only got taken by this pretty basic (kinda less then basic) looking women BUT his BROTHER is a piece of shit as well ,which is more hurtful then finding out your easy to fool by a basic bitch.

    Yeah, I think these are actors though. NOBODY would go on TV for shit like this unless they wanted to be on TV. Even scammy twats like this would not subject themselves to this knowing they will look awful PLUS lose the rock worth 12k. Makes absolutely no sense.

    If it is even close to real she got paid to be on the show. These are actors in that they got paid.

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