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WWR 155 – Peter-Tweeter Insurance coverage Folder Video – jj

WWR 155 – Peter-Tweeter Insurance coverage Folder Video

Frazzled Drip video report

Marines activated to Active Duty:


I mail certified letters to Google: https://youtu.be/LAgWeXVXN38
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  1. "I certainly URGE all followers of Dave to do what Ya can and help out this Dearly Beloved Patriot that has and continues to serve us United States Citizens !!!" Come on now Y'all, just send Him a few bucks whenever Ya can !!! The FACTUAL information we glean from Him IS priceless :). If we ALL do our jobs and kick in what we can, we WILL be rewarded in ways that are immeasurable !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

  2. Dave my cousin and I were cruising around and saw 2 trains loaded down with personal carrier's and hummers, and all sorts of portable showers and shit house's. This was in Baton Rouge and they were going east.

  3. Net 4 – Good to see that you Shaved. It appears that Chewing on Those Logs with JOVI have made Your Teeth Bright – Just like JOVI – JOVI Knows Best when it comes to Sharp and Bright Teeth… LOL – AIRBORNE Always Bro – Fly Boys who were in The Air Force already know that – Myself and My Squard believed that A.F, Pilots were Great at Flying it was their Landing we were so questioned – That's WHY We Kept Jumping Out the Aircraft before Landing… Once again AIRBORNE Always PEACE Out

  4. Brother , I don't ever remember any of your videos being so on target as this one ! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I believe most Americans or should I say ALL patriots agree…it's better to be fighting China than to succumb to the Demonic One World Order ! AMEN ? I seriously don't know if this country realises how many militias made up of retired military, ex military and patriot civilians there are in this country ! What the Cabal , the Deep State and many other countries don't seem to understand all these patriots will fight till death for our homeland ! Thank you Dave for keeping us informed ! Be blessed .

  5. Dave I know this bothers you it does me too and every Patriot. I thank you so much for what you do everything you have brought to us. It's because of Patriotic Heroes and Veterans like you that are helping the President shake the people awake to stop hurting the children and I will never forget the ones like you that still fight for the children.

  6. Dave lets bottom line everything. 2 spiritual forces good /evil God / satan god gave the earth ti satan to rule. Hes still at it. 3sudes to the triangle. All govts were set up in an evil foundation even our own in some respects. Most history is a lie. Were the crusades really about wiping out moosees or did ppl gind out about child sacrifices adreenachrome and go after the demon possessed? When i think about the children i cant sleep. I can hear their screams. China is prob the worst. Underground bunkers Dumbs .. but no civilian have the equipt to get into these places.. theyre gonna go underground one day snd wipe us out with weather georgia guidestones .. . As an otr driver i see hundreds not tens of thiusands of wind generators going up non stop . Theyre everywhere transmitting juice wirelessly i believe and straight down into the bunkers. Like you say its so evil ppl cant bilieve it. If we use our moral compass to guide us and not our political one, we should be formulating our own plan to uncover the saranic rituals on camera find their sacrament tables, pounce in them in one fell swoop. Expose it to the world on every digital billboard mobile advertizing trucks our own media station. They take these kids somewhere they need to be tracked the kids that is . Somehow. Create a domino effect. We need major financing you could lead the charge.i could enroll tens of thousands into my patriot networkvwith the right expisure you should read some of the emsils i get ppl are pissed scared Tired if the treason And ready. I mean WTH? Pelisi schumer try an assanatuon attempt while theyre on an airline cruise estimg peanuts and still walking freely ? Whstz the real agenda ?

  7. 🌹Thank God for you, my friend Dave! When I began to get news several years ago of these hard facts, I turned off the TV. Then I found you on YouTube and I put my hand into yours. Jesus led me to you and I’m so glad He did because I have been rewarded with a wealth of new friends and reassurance! These people on YouTube are the true treasure in America, and I trust them! Thank you again, Dave! 🌹

  8. Dave I so appreciate all you have done and are going thru!!! I am disabled and retired and trying to live on 744$ a month!! I wish I had a thousand. Dollars to send to you!! I pray that someday I will get healed to be able to go back to work!! I am 68 yrs old and still have it in my heart to help!! Pl are hang in there!! I feel we are on the brink!!! I am praying for you and your ministry! You have a servants heart!! May God Bless you and. Give you his wisdom!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷❤️

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