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Exercise Based mostly Costing (Half 1) Price Swimming pools and 1st Stage Allocation – jj

Exercise Based mostly Costing (Half 1) Price Swimming pools and 1st Stage Allocation

This video explains the process of activity-based costing. Using an example to illustrate the process, this video shows how to identify cost pools, assign costs to the costs pools in the first stage allocation, and calculate activity rates.

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  1. I know you get praise all the time from many greatful viewers, but I just wanted to add my voice (or words 🙈) and give you a massive thanks for this video. Really struggling with this until I found your video. Greetings from the UK 🇬🇧👊🏼

  2. Great videos! 🙂 I just noticed that in the Manag. acc. playlist they are not in sequence, like ABC 2 is before ABC 1 and some theory concepts are at the end of the list. Anyway, thanks a lot for those clear explanations. Cheers!

  3. Always watch these videos before exams/quizzes for review.. They do a great job at summing up all the ideas that accounting textbooks throw at us. Plus it doesnt hurt that cost accounting is pretty fun! 

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