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  1. I have this machine with the leg, squat attachment and the extra 100lb in power rods. It is a very good machine, it looks crazy watching him because he doesn't unhook the upper pulley cable from the lower, or remove the handles when doing horizontal bar exercises. Probably does this for quick change, that dangled cable would bother me…I wrap them around the horizontal bar when using the handles. Great full body workout though.

  2. I have a different model (PR3000) but this video does give me some ideas about possible uses for the machine. It's pathetic that Bowflex does not offer videos illustrating the exercises possible with each of their models. Thank you.

  3. Please, don't use this offensive music. Your a beautiful person. It is poison. You are a king and should be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world with this great platform that you have. I pray for you to walk IN our Savior. N bring that Light before your viewers. I love you my brother. God have mercy. ❣️❤️❣️

  4. Thanks for the video brother. I got a Bowflex also. I am 54 years old. I do more exercises than what the graph has. I take other people's exercises where they used free weights and found away to incorporate then to the bowflex. I need to really get back to using my bowflex. I am getting a little pudgy around the midsection lol. Thanks again

  5. i have this machine from when it was a Schwinn Force. I could only find 1 stupid video on it. Glad I figured out that BowFlex bought it. Thanks for the video. My machine maxes out at 105lbs of resistance, per arm. I'm not sure I'd even be able to replace the rods much less upgrade to higher resistance levels.

  6. The music sucks ,listen to some Flame or Canton Jones, no wonder why we have all the violence in America, listen to the music people listen to, nothing but violence and drugs and guns. My advice grow up and be the change in your community 444 the kids. Have a BLESSED day

  7. Great video. I had not used my Boxflex for a while due to a move and life. I finally was able to pull it out but forgot how the cables should be connected for each exercise and needed the refresher. Than you for taking the time. And, also learned a few new ways I can exercise different body parts from you.

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