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#GOBAKMODI: BJP's hurdle can be overcome in Tamil Nadu solely by sharing the ache of Tamils. GO Again Modi By sharing the ache BJP could discover area in Tamil Nadu – jj

#GOBAKMODI: BJP's hurdle can be overcome in Tamil Nadu solely by sharing the ache of Tamils. GO Again Modi By sharing the ache BJP could discover area in Tamil Nadu



oi-Shivom Gupta


Published: Friday, October 11, 2019, 15:43 (IST)

Bengaluru Whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the southern state of Tamil Nadu, he is confronted with the slogan 'Go Back Modi'. Once again, Go Back Modi is trending number one on Twitter when Prime Minister Modi arrives in Chennai for a bilateral discussion with Chinese President Xi Jinping who is visiting India. Prime Minister Modi will also visit Kerala after inaugurating AIIMS in Chennai.


In Tamil Nadu, posters of Chennai Go Back Modi have been put up against Prime Minister Modi and black balloons have also been left with black flags in protest. However, the regional politics parties behind Go Back Modi can be held responsible for a single time, as the BJP and its workers often do, which is far from the truth. The attitude of 'Welcome Back Modi' is never generated in the mind of the Tamil Nadu public even for Prime Minister Modi.


There are many reasons behind this, but it is believed that the ruling governments in Delhi have never tried to share the pain of Tamil Nadu. Looking at the history, we will find that not only Prime Minister Modi in Tamil Nadu, but also former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi have had to face opposition from the Tamil people and during their Tamil Nadu tours, black flags and black balloons have been shown in protest.

In fact, the people of Tamil Nadu are in pain because political parties, which have been in power in Delhi in the last 70 years, used political spectacles to contribute to the development of the country's land and people to rule a diverse India. , Used as a vote bank, divided in color and religion. For this, the Indian National Congress will have to take more responsibility, because the Congress has ruled India directly and directly for the last 60-65 years.


The brunt of vote bank politics would say that the governments sitting in Delhi showed more activism in states where the key to power was hidden, but left the states at their fate which were geographically away from Delhi. Among these, the name of South Indian states as well as North-East states can be taken prominently, where it took many decades to address even the basic problems.

Before becoming the Prime Minister of the country in 2014, PM Narendra Modi lived in different parts of the country as a pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, but after being elected the Prime Minister, Modi gave a call for the development of those states which because of political spectacle Due to the departure, development was left far behind.


Names of North-East states can be taken in these. In many states of Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Nepal, the revolt also started to rise due to the disregard of the ruling governments of Delhi. Mizoram, Nagaland and Assam can be taken for example, where at present, they have made a major contribution to the restoration of peace of development.

Like the North-East states, the South Indian states are accused of ignoring the governments sitting in Delhi, where, like the North-East states, only schemes and schemes were run in the name of development. This is the reason why the people of the South Indian state still have anger towards the ruling governments at the center.


After becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has visited Tamil Nadu many times, where he has faced opposition every time and has been given a Go Back Modi campaign trend against him on Twitter. This can be seen as a reflection of the step-motherly behavior of the governments in power in the previous central government against the South Indian states.

However, there are many other reasons for the Modi opposition in Tamil Nadu. Among them are the Cauvery water dispute, Jallikattu protests, beef ban, imposition of Hindi as the national language. Know which issues are responsible for Go Back Modi?


Currently, the issue of Cauvery water sharing is the biggest reason for the people of Tamil Nadu to oppose Prime Minister Modi. It is believed that despite the Supreme Court's decision in favor of Tamil Nadu state, the Narendra Modi government sitting at the center did not implement the formula for sharing of Cauvery water for the politics of Karnataka only, so that Modi in the mind of the people of Tamil Nadu Contributed to create anger against. The regional parties in Tamil Nadu took advantage of this and the Cauvery water sharing issue was used fiercely against the BJP and Modi.

Issues such as banning jallikattu game and banning cow meat were enough to provoke anger for the people of Tamil Nadu for Prime Minister Modi. While the issue of cow mata proved to be creamy for the BJP in North India, but the politics of Hindu and Hindutva in Tamil Nadu was not given any importance by the people there, because the BJP talking about cow has done something for the welfare of cows. It did not do this, so that the people trust in the principles of the BJP, which the people of the country accepted as the sponsored politics of BJP.

The people of Tamil Nadu are also angry about forcibly imposing the entire country on the Hindi language. Recently, the statement made by Home Minister Amit Shah on Hindi Day also went against Prime Minister Modi when Amit Shah made a statement in favor of making Hindi the national language. Although Amit Shah gave clarification after the protest, but by then Arrow had left the command. The regional parties opposed Amit Shah's statement. People did not delay to form an opinion about Prime Minister Modi that Modi too is trying to impose the ideology of RSS.

Similarly, people of Tamil Nadu objected to Prime Minister Modi's hydro carbon and methane scheme, due to which there was a danger of thousands of acres of agricultural land being barren. Whereas the Modi government could generate alternative energy through biogas plants instead of importing oil and petroleum gas for alternative energy, thereby saving the agricultural land from being wasted and productive waste was used in cities.

The acceptance of Prime Minister Modi and BJP in Tamil Nadu is also not increasing because the South Indians do not have the craze about nationalism and Hindutva that the North Indians have. It is another matter that the majority of Hindus in Tamil Nadu are only 89% of their population. Despite the fact that Tamil Nadu's Hindus are not loyal to the majority of Hindutva, the neutrality of Tamil Nadu can be attributed to this.

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