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LIC Jeevan Shanti | Plan No. 850 | Jeevan Shanti Vs FD – jj

LIC Jeevan Shanti | Plan No. 850 | Jeevan Shanti Vs FD

#JeevanshantivsFD #licjeevanshantivsFD #jeevanshanti

Authorised Insurance advisor & Member of Distinguished / BM Club of Agents for Life Insurance Corporation of India based in Mumbai. With the several years of Experience in Insurance Sector, I committed to provide you with the best LIC’s life insurance combination policies to serve your needs for personal insurance & family security as well as their benefits. Since customer service is my number one priority to our customers, you can rest assured that I will be there when you need the most.

Please click on below link to view LIC’s best plan combinations:




LIC’s Life Time Money Back Plan : https://youtu.be/Q9OwFlauhL4

LIC Jeevan Sathi Plan : https://youtu.be/6AmSiT7LdwU

LIC’s Best Short Term Investment Plan : https://youtu.be/F6zcT2Hu6ik

LIC’s FD (Fixed Deposit) : https://youtu.be/8JVzcVjVsmM

LIC’s Estate Creation Plan : https://youtu.be/PYAuFiIdMXs

LIC’s CHILD MARRIAGE PLAN : https://youtu.be/dxzupzHiLMw

Crorepati with LIC : https://youtu.be/TAyTRDCvGeU

LIC’s Bal Upahar Plan : https://youtu.be/osL1nv8icFE

LIC’S Jeevan Rakshak 827 : https://youtu.be/LSurHkOHzvE

LIC Jeevan Lakshya 833 : https://youtu.be/cW6ECIbBB_0

LIC’s New Bima Shree Plan : https://youtu.be/3OE-ncxY_f4

LIC CANCER INSURANCE POLICY 905 : https://youtu.be/IZG1oPjvMmU

Fixed Deposit Scheme FD : https://youtu.be/31v646hJLk0

LIC’s Money Back Plan Table No. 820 : https://youtu.be/VEnaZTHgfmo

LIC’s Jeevan Labh Plan 836 : https://youtu.be/Idx2tihCyFY

LIC Kanyadan Policy : https://youtu.be/-rwNinUOq_E

LIC’s Bima Bachat Plan 816 : https://youtu.be/vO46HFoN5wM

LIC’s New Bima BAchat Plan : https://youtu.be/N3bTwy1bZ3Q

LIC’s JEEVAN UMANG 845 : https://youtu.be/LNyDmpUCYyw

Jeevan Labh Table No. 836 : https://youtu.be/0r95VsSeSXs

LIC Children Money Back Plan no. 832 : https://youtu.be/5lqLqXXhYQU

LIC JEEVAN TARUN Plan 834 : https://youtu.be/ccTsiX9r7us

LIC’s New Jeevan Anand : https://youtu.be/9GsujEOKbhg

LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya Plan 833 : https://youtu.be/tJgRSsvQQRY

LIC’s Single Premium Pension Plan 189 : https://youtu.be/GB88tjCc7eE

LIC Endowment Plan No. 814 : https://youtu.be/49YusFcu6p4

LIC Children Plans : https://youtu.be/P4Os3NlFBJw

LIC’s Kalpataru Plan https://youtu.be/YjgZadd-mAA

LIC’s Kavach Kundal Plan https://youtu.be/j5DFQOVjeKg

LIC’s Money Plant : https://youtu.be/fYz1QZ7UcrI

LIC’s Pension Plus Scheme https://youtu.be/7ckBR_cgHew

LIC’s Plan for all : https://youtu.be/2Fo5b16Stm0

LIC’s Retire & Shine with 1 Crore : https://youtu.be/25BGyQkVprE

LIC’s Schooling Package :https://youtu.be/6TlSGHF0pWY

LIC’s Smart Life Guard : https://youtu.be/RzfSo2_scbE

LIC’s Smart Money Concept https://youtu.be/HRj6HAHfvCQ

LIC’s Smart Women Plan : https://youtu.be/8M1lUC53o-8

LIC’s Super Tarang Combination : https://youtu.be/cTsHWYmqlU4

How to Pay Insurance Premium using PAYTM : https://youtu.be/7_jHgnRWl3s

LIC’s Life Guard Package : https://youtu.be/gAyvOv7jAL0

3 Benefits of Life Insurance : https://youtu.be/ihcYYrBF2c8

How to Fill NACH Form : https://youtu.be/7WCsjzkTi5c

Insurance for Log Life : https://youtu.be/-8aZv4-LC9k

LIC vs Mutual Fund : https://youtu.be/bBSesqxa1iU

LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Policy : https://youtu.be/tsA4KB-CFNc

LIC’s New Money Back Plan : https://youtu.be/zbAcCbpHOKc

LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya Plan https://youtu.be/af9aASDkowU

LIC’s Combination Plan Anmol Parivar: https://youtu.be/Gx8_Bo7Bvmc

LIC’s Child Bhavishya Plan : https://youtu.be/QdyP5f696hk

LIC’s Yuva Pension Plan : https://youtu.be/L_BbX3joz_g

LIC’s Kanyadan Yojna detail in Marathi : https://youtu.be/FD9aa0ZkhhM

LIC’s Short Term Investment Plan : https://youtu.be/kvvRIDc64SA

LIC’s Kanyadan Yojna detail in English : https://youtu.be/LTggSLY26Tw

LIC’s Children Future Plan https://youtu.be/9pZGiirScpU

LIC’s Best Pension Plan Combination : https://youtu.be/cxv8Bz5xQig

LIC’s Whole Life Income Plan : https://youtu.be/vOlowk5Kkf0


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